The Fourteenth Amendment

Sen Howard author of 14th amendment

I expect we will be hearing a lot about the Fourteenth Amendment in the near future. It seems there is a lot of confusion among Americans about what it means, what the framers of the amendment intended. Maybe the quote from Sen. Howard spells out what was intended. But surely nobody believes that the people of that era (just after the War Between the States) anticipated the massive waves of immigrants that we saw in the late 20th century and in the present. It was probably never imagined that people would and could travel from every corner of the globe to avail themselves of the benefits and privileges of being an American.

The irrationality of the left is illustrated (if we even need further illustration) by their idea of open-ended, perpetual immigration, no end foreseen. The situation at the border shows the outcome of carelessness in having porous borders and lax (or no) enforcement of our immigration laws.

Who knows how this will all play out, but it’s not too late to correct the wrongheaded policies of the last several decades.

3 thoughts on “The Fourteenth Amendment

  1. Anyone interested in the “original intent” of the framers of the fourteenth amendment, specifically section one, needs to read Raul Berger’s book, Government by Judiciary – the Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment. Which I believe is free online, either in pdf and/or as an online book. I have written about the issue many times myself, so many times in fact that it has all just become tiresome trying to fix stupid.


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