Why the Fourteenth Amendment?

On one of the blogs (the name of which escapes me for now) in a discussion of the Fourteenth Amendment, a commenter made a comment which I intended to post myself. The comment contained the observation that the motivation behind that amendment was, in part, a desire by the North to punish the South for what the North saw as ‘treason’ or rebellion, rather than an attempt at peaceful secession. The Union government had not ‘forgiven’ the South for being on the wrong side on the slavery issue, and the freedmen were being used to exact vengeance on the White population, for the North’s satisfaction as well as for their own grievances.

The issue of citizenship for freed slaves was apparently important to the North because of the numbers of ex-slaves who would be given the vote, and of course the Radical Republican party steered the newly enfranchised citizens to vote the correct way, for their benefactors, the Radical Republicans. Not many Americans seem aware that the Republicans of that day were the ‘progressives’ of their time, with all that implies. Many modern-day Republicans are proud that the Radical Republicans ‘freed the slaves’ and enfranchised them, in fact putting many newly-minted voters in the governing bodies of the Southern States, which of course worked out very badly for the White citizens — who were under the repressive rule of Northern carpetbaggers and Southern scallywags, plus the Freedman. White Southrons were at the mercy of the Reconstruction occupiers, having stripped them of their rights during the Reconstruction era, thought to further punish them by putting them under the rule of mostly black State Legislatures. Without the protection of the rule of law, Whites found it necessary to form ‘secret societies’ to guarantee the safety of their families and themselves. How many Americans know this? They know only the politically correct version of history, and have never heard the other side of the story.

Some modern-day Republicans actually boast about their political party ending slavery and giving newly-freed slaves the vote. Yet the future of this Republic was supposed to be reliant on an informed and mature electorate. Now, of course the Democrats, the ideological heirs of the Radical Republicans, want to give the vote and citizenship to non-English speaking immigrants who have no knowledge of how our system works, and no concept of what makes America. All they know is to vote for the benefit of their people and not the common good. And just as in the Reconstruction South, where Whites had to look to their own interests or be subjugated, ‘identity politics’ are a means of survival, though our ‘betters’ tell us we are wrong to play the game being played by all other ethnic groups.


2 thoughts on “Why the Fourteenth Amendment?

  1. In the years (several decades) leading up to the War Between the States (also during the war and afterward), the radical abolitionists in the Northern states began to increase in numbers and influence, and ultimately won votaries enough to start a war of aggression against the South. All the while the radicals aforementioned continued to libel their Southern “brethren,” making wild claims against them on the “slavery issue” that had no basis in fact. These libels they also published in Europe.

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin is of course a huge libel against Southern white slave owners, making the rule of the exception to it, and with little to no regard for the dangers such “literature” widely read imposed. It is known today in certain circles, and was widely known at the time, that southern slave owners were forced to be extremely vigilant and constantly on the lookout for abolitionist pamphlets and other contraband (including weapons of various sorts) stuffed inside “care packages” containing clothing and other items intended for the slaves.

    The whole idea was of course to incite slave violence against the white population and to provide the slaves with weapons to carry it out; with, again, no regard to how it would affect the slaves and their relationships with their masters.

    I could go into a lot of detail on the issue, as I am very sure you can as well, but the point is that the willingness of the abolitionists to lie about their Southern (slave holding) neighbors and to attempt to incite servile insurrection and murder of whites by blacks knew no bounds. And all of this was done in the name of ‘Christian Charity’ and according to “Higher Law” doctrine, popularized of course by Mr. Stewart prior to Lincoln’s election.

    In short, the lunatic abolitionist faction in the “free” states consisted of persons who had no qualms whatsoever with libeling their Southern neighbors, nor of inciting servile insurrection against them, nor of murdering them “for the cause” if needs be. And we know today that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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