‘White flight’ and changing demographics

A lengthy discussion can be found at Steve Sailer’s blog, the subject being ‘White flight’ and the ‘Great Migration’ of blacks to the North during the mid-20th century. Of course it encompasses more than this, as is usual with such threads.

One thought that has occurred to me, and which I’ve mentioned on the other blog, is that the WASP colonial stock was one of the first ethnic groups to be ‘cleansed’ by the waves of immigrants starting in the early to mid-19th century. Where did these original stock people go? Many went farther back into the rural areas of the New England states; many of my ancestors went to the Maine woods and founded other towns named after family lineages or the original towns begun by their colonial forefathers.. As time went on more of these New England exiles went farther West to the midwest and to the Mountain states, including Utah, in the case of the Mormon converts.

In spite of this, there is still a peculiar idea that New England is still full of the old-stock WASPs and Puritan descendants, who are somehow the root of all evil in New England. I don’t like to disappoint people but New England is not (and has not been for a while) the homeland of the fabled WASP ‘elites.’ Even 10-12 years ago, statistics showed that English-descended Americans made up only 13% of New England residents . The numbers show that Anglo-Saxon Americans are now outnumbered by an aggregation of Irish, French-Canadian, and Italians, with many recent immigrants from Brazil, as well as the Spanish-speaking countries, Asia, and all the rest of the various and sundry ‘new Americans.’

In any case, Anglo-Saxon Americans were the first to have the dubious privilege of being cleansed from their home states and the towns their ancestors established.

The ‘Great Migration’ of Southern-born blacks to the North, especially to the industrial towns and cities, led to the better-known ethnic cleansing of Whites in certain Northern locales, with Detroit now held up as an example of White flight leading to urban blight and decline. Yet there are many White Americans who are not familiar with that story, such is the lack of awareness on the part of so many Americans.

No doubt this ignorance is by design on the part of the powers-that-be, who prefer that these things not be discussed, at least not in a factual way.

While reading the comments on the Sailer article I wondered if anyone would mention that there was a sort of parallel ‘great migration’ of Southron Whites to places like Detroit or Saginaw, Michigan, to find work in the now-mostly-gone auto industry, or other manufacturing jobs. California also had quite an influx of Southrons during the Dust Bowl era and later; this was true of the urban Northwest also.

My belief, having some familarity with this displacement, is that it was destructive to the ethnic cohesion of the South generally, as it provided an opening for Northerners to fill in the vacuum left by the exiled Southrons. This was detrimental to the South as the newcomers brought their own ways and social habits (including a greater stand-offishness, and a general obliviousness to the unique folkways and traditions of Dixie). I’m not attempting to disparage individuals, but the fact is that many people from Northern states seem to think that Southrons are just Americans who ‘talk funny’, but otherwise share the same culture with the North. Sadly this idea has become more true, as the ethnic makeup of the South has changed in the last half-century at an accelerated rate. Everyone has become less attached to their home states and regions, it appears, and this makes the fate of the South a foregone conclusion.

Change is inevitable, of course, but traditionalists and ‘conservatives’ ideally should try to preserve all that is good about the past, including preserving the true history, acting as guardians of a region’s heritage and memory. There seems to be an ambivalence about this, as some Southrons have been infected with White guilt. The very idea of ‘conservatism’ has fallen into bad repute because there were — and are — so many false conservatives,  the proverbial ‘dumb dogs that do not bark‘ of Isaiah 56. I include the political ‘conservatives’ as well as those who posture as defenders of the South’s history and heritage.

Most of the unwanted changes in our demographics and the South’s culture were passively allowed by local leaders and a sleeping population. I realize some have done all they could to try to hold the fort or to withstand the onslaught on the South; I give them credit. But with increasing political correctness and the defamation of the South, there is too little opposition to these coerced changes.

Ever since the mass migrations of Northerners into many parts of the South in the 1970s and 1980s I began to wonder if this movement, as with the ‘Great Migration’ of blacks (and poor Whites) to the North, was engineered, planned, deliberate. I’ve become convinced it was not happenstance, in either of these cases. It may be that the powers-that-be merely saw an opening into which they could insert their agenda, which would presumably be to further integrate and foster more blurring of the lines between races. It may be that it was planned since much earlier times, and the aftermath of the War Between the States and a newly mobile black population was the opportunity sought by TPTB. It seems too much to think of it as merely an accident which proved lucky for the globalists.

The late 20th century migration of Northerners to the South was meant to dilute and weaken Southron culture, to further homogenize it with generic American culture and peoples, who were already farther along the road to being ‘generic Americans’ in contrast to the mostly Anglo-Norman South with its ‘Bible Belt’ ways and Confederate memories. Much as the Regime preaches diversity, they don’t intend to tolerate the native diversity of Southron culture and Southrons as a unique people, a people who were not yet fully immersed in the Melting Pot. So further efforts were focused on the South, and we’re seeing that they are in deadly earnest about the changes they are effecting. Again I can’t help thinking of a Scriptural phrase: “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation…” In 1865 they formally ‘cut the South off from being a nation’ but the job must be finished. First, erasure of historical memory, a cutting off from the roots.  Next, reduce the ethnic character of the South to just another part of Melting Pot America. Another essential ingredient in this recipe: a little ethnic animosity and jealousy.

So, cue the ongoing argument about whether the South is Anglo-Norman or Anglo-Saxon as the older generations held, or whether the South belongs to the ‘Scots-Irish’ (Ulster Scots) or Celts. Cohesiveness has been undermined by this kind of squabbling. Political divides enter the picture and are exploited, fomenting bickering between right and left, and between the generations.

Speaking of engineered migrations, remember Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath? Remember planeloads of New Orleans residents, predominantly black, being flown to far-flung parts of the U.S.? This was something unprecedented; it seemed like blatant social engineering, relocating so many people, changing the demographic makeup of some areas.

No one can help being aware that there are unprecedented movements of peoples, especially residents of Third World countries, into Western, mostly White, areas. So would it not make sense that the powers-that-be are determined to alter the ethnic and racial makeup within countries as well as internationally? It all serves the globalist agenda, and the worldwide effort to ‘redistribute the poverty’. The agenda is panmixia, and no White communities left intact.

2 thoughts on “‘White flight’ and changing demographics

  1. This is a complicated subject, but I definitely think you are onto something. Indeed, I was raised in a small all-white town in southern Oklahoma called Ringling (named after the circus), and can remember when “low rent housing” first made its appearance there. This was around 1978-1979 time frame. I was about 13-14 years old. With “low rent housing” came also a small influx of blacks to occupy some of those units. This was, as my father said at the time, clearly by design; no one in the community had any reason to want or otherwise invite low income blacks to live amongst us, and every reason to the contrary. Moreover, while there *might have been* some local support for the building of the housing addition (to serve our own), it was not in any sense something the locals were passionate about or demanding. Moreover still, none of the blacks who originally occupied a few of those apartments had any reason to *want* to move to an all-white community, and likewise with the original inhabitants, every reason to *not* prefer to live there given a choice. This was later confirmed when they all moved away.

    In any case, this was all clearly done from on high, and was as well clearly done with, as it were, malice aforethought. At least to my mind. Some 40 or so years later, of course, the demographics of the town in question remain *majority white* but now with an admixture of half-blacks or mullatos. As well as a fairly sizeable percentage of persons of Mexican, and/or South American descent.

    As to the introduction of mulattos into the community, I do not believe it was a *direct* result of the introduction of blacks. I do not remember there ever having been a black student enrolled in our school at that time, in spite of the history I relate above, albeit there might have been one or more in the elementary school that I wasn’t aware of. The effect was more indirect; a generation or so later of course blacks began to make more of an appearance in the small colleges our youth were prone to attend following HS. Meanwhile, girls were going to college more and more. At college they were meeting blacks and forming relationships with them. Ultimately some of them got pregnant during these trysts, and the rest is history, I guess.

    All of that said, I know most of those half-black kids to whom I refer above, and like them for the most part. They are generally more inclined (at least as children) to conduct themselves as whites, and not as “inner city blacks” or whatever one likes to call them. That is of course largely because they find themselves in a largely majority-white population. But there is the problem too of a certain element of our white kids becoming enthralled with Rap music, its hatred of police and degradation of women, and all of that as well. So I think that little-by-little, step-by-step, the original plan of the powers-that-be on high is being (and has been, in a certain sense and to a certain degree) accomplished.

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  2. Terry, thanks for your comments. I suspect many small towns (as well as city neighborhoods) had similar events happening in those years, so your story may reflect a widespread reality.
    I know that at least one town in which we lived in West Texas has undergone some real demographic changes, in the process of which it now has gang problems whereas it was a dusty, slow-paced conservative town when I was growing up. The only ‘diversity’ there was the migrant workers (who were actually migrants and didn’t stay the year ’round).
    The older generations said forced integration would inevitably lead to more mixing and outmarrying and though they were called ‘prejudiced’ for saying that, they proved to be 100 percent right.


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