Free speech disappearing

No matter what those responsible may say, it seems as if there is a determined effort to squeeze those with politically incorrect (non-leftist, non-globalist) views out. I notice that whenever I try to visit certain blogs, one of them being Anonymous Conservative, I am blocked from accessing it. Today, clicking on a link to another blog which I normally don’t visit, I am likewise blocked. It appears Cloudflare is responsible.

This blog’s traffic is now all but nonexistent — maybe not surprising since I’ve been posting more rarely and also losing readership it seems — but it looks as though I now get no traffic from search engines.

It appears as though generally, blogs with viewpoints outside the dictated range of opinion are being squeezed out of existence. The idea is to starve blogs of traffic and/or discourage bloggers who have ”wrong” political opinions, (those not approved by the self-elected gatekeepers), from bothering to blog at all. Mind you I’m not blaming the ‘censors’ or our ‘moral betters’ for this blog’s seeming failure, not completely, but it certainly doesn’t help that there are those who want non-left politics silenced all the way around, and they seem to hold all the cards.

What’s the answer to this?  I really have no idea. Meanwhile some right-wing blogs continue to thrive despite the extremely hostility towards free speech for those who are deemed to be ”thought criminals.” The way things look now, it would seem very easy to silence all non-approved free speech.

And where is ”our” president on this? Just asking….


4 thoughts on “Free speech disappearing

  1. I may not always post a comment but I always love seeing that you’re still around. As I first said when you came back, I first found you in 2007 when I was still pursuing my bachelor’s. I just turned 32 last month. How time flies!

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  2. Thanks for the kind words, all. I can use a little encouragement or exhortation about now.
    Terry, thanks for the link to the Zippy article. He covers it all there doesn’t he.
    Matt – how time flies. 2007 — it seems ages ago. Hope you continue to visit and comment now and then — as long as i continue to do this, or until this blog gets taken down.

    Nick, that Covington boys’ story has been on my mind. I will try to get around to writing on it soon.


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