The left vs. truth: Who’s winning?

If more proof were needed, the recent story about the Covington Catholic High School boys ”harassing” an Amerindian man illustrates how truly unhinged and rabid the left has become. I know I’ve used those adjectives for years to describe the left, and at the time it seemed as though the words were apt, but then until recently we had no idea how much more crazed and virulent the left could actually be. They’ve long since lost their moorings and are utterly adrift from reality — and have long ago lost any ability  — or desire — to recognize truth.

The latest on this story about the Covington students, who ‘provoked’ people by wearing MAGA hats, has taken several turns since it first broke, with the first reports accusing the students of deliberately provoking an innocent ‘native American’ man, who was surrounded by the boys and supposedly harassed or insulted — why? Just because of his ethnicity or race. The original video was disingenuously edited so as to make the boys the villains of the story, but later, more contextualized videos showed a different story. Meanwhile, hordes of Twitter users tweeted threats to the boys, their families, and their school; the leftist perpetrators did not stop short of death threats.

So far no real consequences have ensued, unless you count a few reluctant, unconvincing apologies from the guilty parties, and maybe a few Twitter bans.

The Indian man has since claimed that his behavior was an attempt to defuse a conflict between the high school students and some ‘Black Israel’ cult members who apparently were present on the scene. The Indian, Nathan Philips claimed he served as a Marine in Vietnam (his story has been picked apart since) seeming to think this would win him sympathy or credibility, but he does not come across as credible, given the facts as they are unfolding.

The whole story seems to become more complicated by the minute, with the only obvious truth being that the media are desperate to create, if they cannot find, a story casting White Trump supporters as evil and hateful. In their overeagerness to write such a story they got more careless than usual in picking their villains and heroes/’victims’. It looks as though it’s backfired on them, which is very satisfying to watch.

However, do the general public, the people who don’t really pay that much attention to facts and fine details, know or care what the truth is here? Or will the inattentive news consumers simply absorb whatever of this story confirms their existing biases or ignorance? Does anyone not on the right even care about truth, or acknowledge that there is such a thing as objective, verifiable truth?

Stories like this one make me wish the late Dr. David Yeagley were still with us to offer his cogent commentary, and to offer a sound, non-leftist, politically incorrect opinion on this story.

For those who don’t know who David Yeagley was, he was a Comanche Indian (and yes, he said ‘Indian’ and not ‘Native American’) and an academic, a professor, but that rarest of rare birds, an academic whose mind was not eaten away by political correctness and left-wing cant. He spoke somewhat dismissively of ‘campus Indians’ who were completely captive to political correctness and progressive dogma; he knew that it was not always the case that Indians were militantly anti-White as in recent years.

Dr. Yeagley was a true friend of ‘heritage Americans’ and he often expressed his wish that we prevent our country from being taken from us by mass immigration and replacement.
Indians like those Dr. Yeagley called ‘campus Indians’ are somehow oblivious to the fact that the existential threat to them is not from the dwindling ‘heritage Americans’ but from the constant stream of immigrants from the four corners of the globe, who seem not to care that they are displacing the existing populations of this continent, including American Indians. And the Hispanics who are trying to capitalize on this controversy by making demands for obeisance from White Americans are utterly disingenuous; they expect everyone to believe that they, being ”indigenous” are somehow the same as the American Indians who were here when our ancestors arrived. What brazenness; and yet so many people are taken in by that particular falsehood.

Although this incident has stirred up so many ugly feelings on the left, it could result in some good if it illustrates for the few perceptive people remaining that the left is on the verge of losing the last shreds of sanity — and decency.

3 thoughts on “The left vs. truth: Who’s winning?

  1. Well, I think that some of us have known for some time now how crazy and violent and unhinged the lunatic left could, and likely would, eventually get. If one will take the time to look at the other side of the story of the War Between the States that the Yankee schools and the media and the government have all so carefully shielded them from ever knowing, (s)he will find very quickly just how radical and unhinged such people can get. There are quite literally hundreds of examples one could cite from that era of the radicals in the north going completely off the rails, but the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry and the aftermath (after he was caught, tried and hanged), should suffice in itself. That that murderous lunatic was held up as a Saint and a martyr in the North is proof enough how far over the edge those people had ventured by that point. But again, I could cite hundreds of similar examples, and I’m by no means a Civil War scholar or expert.

    What appears to have happened with the Covington Boys is the employment of a tactic that has become all too familiar amongst certain “oppressed” groups amongst us. Blacks began to do this sort of thing in earnest right after that Starbucks manager in Pennsylvania called the cops on the two budding “entrepreneurs” awaiting arrival of their so called “business partner,” and the MSM picked the story up and ran with it. Blacks soon began to intentionally provoke whites in various positions of authority all over the country, and then to claim they were the victims being harassed for no other reason than their color. Which is of course absolute and utter nonsense in 98 of 100 cases. Again, I could run through the list of these incidents which anyone with a half a brain can see right through without any further information than the very limited amount the media ever published in each case, but I’m sure you’re very aware of the vast majority of them.

    I miss talking to Dr. Yeagley.


  2. This story has sat on my heart the past few days because I live in the northern Kentucky area; ten minutes from Covington Catholic High School. I’m a practicing Catholic and parishioner of the Diocese of Covington. When the Diocese and school immediately came out against the boys, buying the Leftist narrative rather than stand by their own sons, it has disheartened me greatly. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with Bishop Foys on a couple of occasions and my impression was he’s a good man, but very tired. He took over over a decade ago when the Diocese paid out millions for abuse victims. Last year he put his foot down on allowing a cross dressing student at one of the local parochial schools to give a Leftist speech at a graduation ceremony. He caught criticism for that but stood by his decision. That’s what made their knee jerk reaction so infuriating.

    All this said, I messaged the Diocesean webpage to inform them how ridiculous it was that they did that and that they need to quit pandering to a Leftist elite class that wants the Catholic Church wiped off the planet.


  3. It should scare us that our representatives, if they can truly be called as such, and the leaders of even our most sacred institutions are ready and willing – with ease I might add – to sacrifice us if it means saving themselves, which is to say they’re already defeated and cannot be trusted.

    Is there a leader anongst us?


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