Conviction vs. intensity

It’s no news that the world has been turned upside down by the rabid left. Their ‘morality’, if it can be called such, is so warped that appearing in ‘blackface’ is a cause for outrage, while proposing to kill a newborn baby is fine with them.

Governor Northam, the Democrat governor of what was once Virginia, advocated for killing newborn infants, with the consent of the ‘mother.’ Up until pretty recently this kind of monstrous proposal would have shocked all but the most hardened and callous among us. But what with the stepped-up propaganda/mind manipulation, now most can’t be bothered to even raise a mild outcry at such ideas. Ho-hum, is the response, usually drowned out by the sound of crickets.

Meanwhile, the left is displaying their trademarked fake outrage, virtue-signalling like crazy, because of Northam’s politically incorrect peccadillo from the past.

Is that not a sign of at best, warped priorities, or at worst, a total lack of functioning moral compass?

The Bible tells us that as we approach the End Times, people will be without natural affections, and that ‘the love of many will wax cold.’ Certainly the left (and some on the right) lack natural affections — toward kin and kind, toward children, towards the old, towards the opposite sex. This is not in accordance with nature or with God’s laws.

The left, lacking natural feelings, can only manage to act out some feigned ‘offense’ — oddly enough on behalf of other people, never on behalf of their own, not even their own children or parents in some cases.

I’d love to confront some of the lefties I know about Northam and those like him, people who deem taking a helpless infant’s life to be of no consequence — just one less superfluous human being in this world. But there can’t be any kind of dialogue with our foes on the left; they are blinded and deafened and without conscience or remorse, bereft of all but the most shallow and insincere emotions. Above all, the ‘truth is not in them’ and thus they cannot be reasoned with.

I would love to see some of my ‘progressive’ relatives be put on the spot and watch them try to come up with some kind of justification for voting for infanticide (and euthanasia) — just try to call yourself a Christian or a moral human being while arguing that killing babies, the ill and the old, is a good thing while politically incorrect transgressions are an outrage to humanity.

My first instinct to news items like this is righteous outrage, but as time goes on and these things seem only to grow more and more egregious with each passing day, it’s hard stay determined, to sustain the effort to stay the tide.

It’s been quoted so frequently, the passage from Yeats which seems to sum up our present struggle:

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Do we have the necessary degree of conviction, the courage thereof? It will take a lot to match the degree of malignant intensity on the other side.

3 thoughts on “Conviction vs. intensity

  1. The recent sickening, groveling effeminate display by the AG of the formerly proud and ‘Grand Old Commonwealth’ is very telling as to the quality of its ‘leadership.’

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