4 thoughts on “Disappearing posts

  1. Hello Bonnyblue

    There is no rush to post.
    Quality is more important than quantity.
    I think you could even publish your thoughts in books.

    The “Tech censors” want to shut us down. Finding our own networks is going to be necessary for the future.

    Thanks for your part


  2. Hi Puritan, thanks for the advice. I suppose I am feeling pressed to ”work while it is day” for the ‘night cometh’. As I’ve been out of commission because of illness I feel like I am now finally feeling the energy to post, hence champing at the bit.
    You are right that we need to have our own networks if that can be made possible.
    Thanks for the kind words.


  3. I have missed years due to nonsense health problems that never needed to occur.
    Puritan dreams and duties in and out have gone unfulfilled.This body is relatively young but I am already a frail bitter old man. Just such a loser. Writing this is a real trouble,real hard.
    Vanishing American is worth it.
    The Anglo-Saxons shouldn’t go out like this neither should I.
    I hope I get better.
    Where can Puritans get help these days?
    Who likes the Puritans?

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  4. Puritan – so sorry to read of your health problems; I can empathize. I am still battling my own, but things are looking better; I hope your problems can be fixed too.

    As to who likes the Puritans — I seem to be one of the few who thinks the Puritans get a bad rap; they are a popular target for blame these days. On my maternal side I am descended from Puritan dissenters.

    Thanks for commenting; I appreciate your taking the time and trouble.


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