Raspail interview

There’s a very interesting interview with Jean Raspail, author of Camp of the Saints, at Gallia Watch, with an English translation. Of course if you read French the original interview is at Nous Sommes Partout, here.

It’s well worth reading, in my opinion; Raspail, at 94, seems still very lucid and he has some ideas to offer about our current situation in the West. He speaks of ‘islands of survival’, which is something to ponder.

I recommend reading the interview, and I’m interested in any thoughts it might stimulate.

2 thoughts on “Raspail interview

  1. He said something along the lines of “groups are arising in the west but they do not realize how much more they are capable of doing to help the situation.” I’m not quite sure what he’s hinting at. With regards to “islands of survival”–it’s predicted that 22 states, housing 2/3 of the U.S. population will be minority white by 2060. That means that there will be 28 that are still majority white, with pockets of heavily settled white areas. Unfortunately it appears hispanics will greatly outnumber whites come 2100. 80 years is a long time, many things can change. God be with us.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree, Raspail is a little vague about his ‘islands of survival’. It does seem that the handwriting is on the wall for our country, in that we (or our posterity) will be outnumbered, at the rate of displacement that seems to be gaining momentum.

    When Raspail talks about his ‘islands of survival’ maybe in his country there are places which are still basically French; it seems the immigrants cluster mostly in cities and banlieues/suburbs so maybe there are more places for the French to preserve their population and culture.

    The ‘islands of survival’ also made me think of the history of the Cajuns in Louisiana; though they were a displaced people, outnumbered, etc., they found a place to thrive and preserve much of their culture — though they are Americanized as well. Speaking of the Cajuns I wonder whether they can preserve their ethnicity and culture if Louisiana becomes swamped (no pun intended) by the ‘newcomers’?


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