Needed: return to common sense

I recently read a comment from another blog in which the commenter remarked on the young right’s tendency to indulge in disparaging the Founding Fathers and the original basis of this country. The writer ascribed this popular tendency amongst the young right to the fact that they grew up steeped in the leftism and anti-Americanism that is the reigning orthodoxy in what we term ”schools” and ”universities” these days.

The blog comment caught my attention because it rang true, and I find it disturbing that the right, the young right in particular seems to disdain this country and our past as much as the Left does. Like the commenter whose post I refer to, I don’t see how this viewpoint can be useful in offering an alternative to the present corrupt state of things; it is essentially a cynical and bitter viewpoint which does not embody anything positive. It’s merely another take on the leftist worldview. America is always wrong, has always been wrong, and we have no country, no culture, nothing worth saving, etc.

How did this come about? Obviously the indoctrination educational system sets out to create cynicism and loathing for our traditions, our past, our history, and this effort seems to have succeeded in creating generations of embittered, disconnected people who think that tearing the system down and replacing it with some unknown substitute is the answer. Somewhere along the line, regard for facts and for reality itself has fallen by the wayside. How can we recover it, or can we?

Part of the cynicism which has been engendered by the leftist system is a generational animosity on an unprecedented scale. Do I exaggerate? I don’t think so; it’s hardly possible to read a single thread on most blogs without encountering vitrolic rhetoric about ”boomers”, which term seems to include anyone over a certain age, boomer or not. For example: octogenarian Nancy Pelosi is called a ”boomer” although she is old enough to be a mother to ”boomers.” She is a ‘silent’ generation member, if that means anything (except the obvious fact that she is old).

But the term ”boomer” is an all-purpose insult directed at anyone considered over the hill, and it usually implies unpleasant traits such as ‘fat‘ or ‘stupid‘ just for extra insult value. There is little logic or factual basis for accusing older generations of stupidity, greed, or selfishness, as is currently ascribed to the older age groups. The idea that ”boomers” somehow “ruined’ our country, with no help from anyone else, is absurd on the face of it, presuming some kind of near-supernatural power on the part of a whole generation. By the way, have the elder-haters noticed the obvious fact that the older generations are ailing and dying at quite a rapid rate? Maybe the evil oldsters will continue to exert their baleful influence even from the grave, seeing as how they hold such preternatural power to do evil. Perhaps their ghosts will walk the earth, after death, continuing to work their powerful curse on the hapless Millennials and X-ers who fear them so. Honestly, it would be laughable were it not so pathetic.

I do believe the ‘hate-watch’ groups can stop worrying about their clients being blamed for all the ills of the world, because the Boomers and the Silents have taken over the role of that certain population who were formerly believed to wield such excessive influence. Move over; the Boomers and aged Silent generations are the new villains.

Really, though, believing that the year or decade of one’s birth makes people who they are is just another form of the pseudo-science Astrology; being born in a certain year or era does not make us who we are; what ignorance.

However, having grown up in a time in which the Frankfurt School and Political Correctness is ascendant does affect one’s ability to think clearly and objectively; sadly from Gen-X downward the effect of the propaganda machine is evident.

The generational warfare is just another form of manipulation meant to divide us, our folk, even more than we already are. I believe certain specific bloggers have seeded these nonsense ideas, going back a few years when it all began, and those same bloggers continue to foster these absurd tropes about the generations. Why? Obviously there’s an agenda at work here. Who benefits?

3 thoughts on “Needed: return to common sense

  1. Well, it is of little (actually, no) consolation that these sorts of sentiments are literally as old as the Republic herself. Remember William Loyd Garrison’s motto emblazened across the top of his paper, The Liberator, from its inception:

    The Constitution – A Covenant with Death, an Agreement with Hell.

    This Garrison character is also famous for having declared himself “A citizen of the World,” and as such felt no loyalty to the United States, her people, nor her governing Constitution, and made no bones about it. And he had a lot of followers and sympathizers. Namely the radical and lunatic Abolitionists in Yankeedom and surrounding Northern states. Speaking of which,…

    It was of course the Northern “common schools” theory of proper education that was ultimately foisted upon the South during and after “Reconstruction.” Our patriotic Southron forbears knew better than to allow Yankee methods of “education” into the South, and fought to the death to prevent this evil, among others. And yet, here we are, sadly.

    As for the supposed “baleful” influence of Boomers and Silents, and the extensive damage they alone have supposedly done: Well, I agree with you wholeheartedly. They undoubtedly made a lot of mistakes when they were young, but all generations make a lot of mistakes when they are young and full of fire in their bellies. Only when one grows older does he begin to realize what an idiot he was as a youngster. …


  2. I just had a venomous exchange on a message board last night with someone who disparaged a George Clooney movie I was praising because it “fed into the Boomer ego.” Their point was anything to do with people of that age bracket is tainted since they’ve allowed the current state of affairs to exist. That’s the vibe I’m getting from Millennials and Gen Z. I should mention that I’m in my early 30s, so, this trend of dehumanizing an entire generation is starting to really concern me as I have several “boomers” in my family and I shudder to imagine the Soylent Green/Brave New World policies the disgruntled youth will implement once in full control.

    This is what happens when you let weird strangers raise and teach your kids in public school; when millions of parents divorce; put millions of kids on psychotropic drugs; allow pornography and violent media become the only option for entertainment.

    It’s a group raised on filthy rap music, shooting video games and Tarantino movies. Almost none of my peers worked until they were in college. The boys never experienced hard manual labor and they all basically spit on anything to do with religion, let alone the Catholic Church whose teachings are against everything they value (“same-sex marriage”, abortion, option to divorce, fornication). If they do anything “Christian” it’s these Young Life camps where kids go to basically hang out/hook up and go to a mega church that lures youth with free WiFi and lattes.

    As I say, I’m part of the generation but it’s starting to become clear that we are dealing with a group of people who are narcissistic and without compassion.

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  3. Hello Vanishing American

    I have a young right perspective on this.
    The older generations definitely could and should have done more to prevent our current problems. There is resentment on this issue. It is going to be a big task for the traditional portions of my generation to thrive.
    Sometimes I think the crises will be a wake up call for us to get serious. So far I haven’t seen any such cultural changes. The young are the dreg generation.

    What would your advice to the young be?


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