This just goes to show…

This story, unfortunately just one of many such stories out of the UK, is a reminder that ‘legality’ is not the be-all and the end-all, as so many ”conservatives” think.

Remember, the vast majority of the assailants are likely in the UK legally.

Yet the irrational emphasis by many people on ‘legal’ vs. illegal. What will it ever take to dislodge this nonsense from Americans’ minds? Or is it a lost cause?

3 thoughts on “This just goes to show…

  1. It is frustrating. Between those “on the right” who make excuses for illegals (if you dig you find the truth: they don’t want to pay a white worker a living wage) and the brainwashed conservative “muh legal is ok as long as they do the paperwork” I honestly don’t know what it will take. And the band plays on as MAGA cultures insist Kushner will win easily as muh immigants can now swing states he once won and still needs.

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    • Hman, I think I understood what you meant to say. 🙂
      I hate to criticize Trump because he is getting it from all sides. But I read a Tweet from him in which he said exactly those lines about ”if they just go home and come back and do it the right way…”
      It’s as if someone is trying repeatedly to break into your house and you say ”well, if you just come around to the front door and knock politely and say ‘please’, then I might let you in to share my home’.
      I can’t imagine responding to that situation in that way. Maybe it’s just me…


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