Government efforts to save money

Who or what is being saved?

The new government rules on Food Stamps’, requiring able-bodied, unemployed people under 50 to take some kind of work in exchange for benefits, will go into effect in April, 2020. According to Sheryl Atkisson’s article, this measure will save “us” $5.5 billion. Quite a sum, right?

This of course is welcome news to those who favor stopping any aid to ‘deadbeats’, but oddly, the same people seem to cheer cutting spending mostly for benefits to Americans, but the same critics rarely complain of aid to immigrants, legal and otherwise. But the $5.5 billion? Will that go back in the pockets of struggling taxpayers?

And– wait a minute — that @5.5% billion figure is spread over a period of five years. So in reality, it’s a mere drop in the ocean of government spending.

In fact, according to an article in the World Tribune, U.S. taxpayers are paying $60 billion each year for the cost of educating children of illegal immigrants. And that does not include the costs of the millions of legal immigrants, nor does it cover many other related expenses, evidently.

So saving a billion or so per year is more important than cutting the huge costs of educating the world’s children — and at what point did we suddenly become responsible for the world’s children (or the whole world’s elderly, etc.)? But those costs are downplayed and rarely mentioned, either by ‘official sources’ or by the average American citizen.

Where do our priorities lie?

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