More controversy over Southern monuments

It’s really exasperating to read these stories about the conflicts in the South over Southern monuments, in this case, the ongoing verbal battles involving UNC and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. If you read the comments on the article you will see how irrational and uninformed the left (the ‘antis’, who are proud of their venomous loathing for all things related to Southern culture and history) the verbal skirmishes are.

It seems that the anti-Southern fanatics know nothing about the past other than the ‘evils’ of the antebellum South, and the minds of these people are bereft of any common sense, and even worse, they are averse to actually reading factual history. It seems all their learning came from urban legends, probably dubious sources like Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Even Abraham Lincoln referred to Harriet Beecher Stowe as ‘the little lady that started the War [Between the States].’ And though she and others like her, including her crowds of abolitionist female followers, had never set foot in the South, Stowe’s overwrought book was so influential that the fantasy Evil South still lives on in some uninformed minds.

How and where did this sad situation start? In the minds of the antifa types, and the dyed-in-the-wool academics who perpetuate these half-baked ideas about the antebellum South. And they teach nothing about the Reconstruction era.

It’s not possible to even have a common-sense dialogue about these things, though these troubles could ignite real conflict. Feeling runs so high, and the left keeps fueling the flames. It’s as though they are hoping to provoke something more serious than the name-calling and juvenile nonsense. I certainly hope that it doesn’t escalate to more than words. Some violence has happened, thanks to anti-types’ aggression.

There are many facts about the South that cannot even be spoken at the risk of being called a ‘hater’ or whatever insult du jour. And seeing many people de-platformed on various pretexts, vague charges like ‘violating terms of service’, discourages many people online from speaking anything that violates the official Narrative, which is (of course) anti-Southern and anti-White.

And what of those young men at UConn who were arrested for speaking a taboo word in conversation?

The message is we all have to watch our step if we are to be allowed to discuss anything in a public place, or on the internet — or even in a private conversation. And we’re still told that we live in a free country.

As for the anti-South crowd, why are they still fighting battles over things that happened almost 3 centuries ago? Why are they trying to punish Southrons for things that were done by people that are long dead, and why are those who claim to be victims, even now, after many generations have lived and died since that time? Nobody today has owned or ‘mistreated’ slaves, and no Americans have been enslaved in this country for hundreds of years. Where is the justice in this; these things cannot be made a perpetual vendetta — except when it comes to the WBTS; the [White] South can never be absolved, apparently, and there’s no Statute of Limitations.

Incidentally, the people of the South are treated as criminals when it comes to the hysteria over the supposed ‘monstrous’ deeds for which they are blamed. The anti-South, anti-White accusers on that comment thread are obviously closed-minded, like all such people, and will not open their eyes and ears and ”minds” to facts.

The whole subject is basically taboo; the rabid antis emerge from the woodwork anytime they catch someone violating the ‘Narrative’ of victimhood, and of the perpetual guilt of White Southrons.

Yet, if the Southron slaveholders (including most of our Founding Fathers) so mistreated their slaves, why did slaves have a longer life expectancy than most Europeans of that time? Why did they live as long as most Whites in America, and longer than their African ancestors? There are statistics that show this to be fact. But in many peoples’ imaginations, they can never recover from the ”legacy” of their servitude.

Now there are many Americans who refer to Thomas Jefferson as a ‘rapist’ of slaves, with no evidence (much less, proof) to verify this slander. Now even our Founding Fathers, whose ideals are now being junked and trampled on, are tried posthumously and judged unjustly, their names and reputations destroyed for the most part, along with those monuments and statues. I hear the Stone Mountain monument is to be made subordinate to MLK et al, just as a slap in the face to Southrons.

Will the coming generations take a stand in favor of truth, and for justice to our ancestors and our heroes? I can neither sympathize with, nor understand those who want to discard the Battle Flag because it is a catalyst for controversy.

There’s no advantage in trying to appease, or mollify the South-haters. They love hating the South, and wallowing in their delusion of being morally superior, while the South is forced to accept being the scapegoat, and compelled to acquiesce in being the guilty party in the bloodshed of the WBTS. Half a million people, at least, lost their lives, and many were maimed, and left with lifelong impairments. The South also lost many civilians as the Northern Armies swept through the South. The people of the South in many cases lost all their possessions — homes, livestock, crops, family heirlooms, etc. Some of my ancestors were left destitute though they had been prosperous. But in many cases the older generations who lived through this, passed on the individual stories of the War, and the aftermath, which is not taught in schools. The real-life stories that individuals preserved and passed on are otherwise ignored.

And yet ‘reparations’ are still being discussed. I say the South has long since paid for the alleged atrocities for which they are still accused. And now there are probably more people who are recently arrived in the South, who have no roots in the South, and who can never understand the history.

When even the native-born American is also mostly ignorant of the facts, what hope is there of the history ever being understood, or our forefathers’ story even getting a hearing?

Yet somehow we, those of us who care for our heritage, have got to find a way, without any appeasement, of getting the real story told to those who are unaware of the reality.

9 thoughts on “More controversy over Southern monuments

  1. I am not a white Southerner, yet I get upset when I see the demonization of them. It truly is anti-white hatred, pure and simple. I hope that the white Southerners rise up one day and are able to finally live in peace.

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  2. I say this as a Yankee (albeit one sympathetic to the South, born in the mid-80s, married to a Yankee raised in the South and who has a slight, very cute, accent): ENOUGH of the South bashing!

    The South has paid for whatever sins it may have committed and then some.

    Worse than these Yankees coming in and ruining the place (no, we don’t live there) are foreign aliens from other countries that have no business being there.

    It frosts me to see Americans choosing foreigners over their own kin. My two years in Texas in graduate school left me a bit demoralized: Texas is being colonized and most native Texans don’t seem to care.

    That and enough of the Boomer bashing. They weren’t responsible for Hart-Cellar etc. As much as I like Vox’s blog, it’s a real blind spot of his.

    It’s been 11 years since I started reading/commenting VA. Keep up the fight!

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    • Thanks for your comments.
      Wow, I didn’t realize that you were such a long-time reader. I appreciate your loyalty to this blog. Change in log-in name, I think I remember you from the olden days of 11 years ago.
      I can only hope that Texas will not change irrevocably, though I know it’s changed a lot during my lifetime. I think some of the remoter areas and smaller towns might have survived somewhat intact, so far. But it’s good to know that some people from elsewhere have pro-Southron sympathies.


  3. I find your posts amazing, amazing in the way that you speak the Gospel truth. I have always felt English but also feel that I have Southern blood flowing through my veins. It’s always been with me, ever since I can remember, my dear sister and brother also feel this way. We live in Scotland, yet we have never really felt Scottish, and more English. We were so relieved a few years ago, when the nasty party s.n.p had that awful referendum where, the “Silent Majority ” came out on top. These people are actually putting many, many Scottish people right off, they are a total embarrassment to the native people. We love Great Britain very deeply and there are many of us, who feel the same deep love for the South. In places like (actually scared to say), but in these places, the slave trade still is very much alive, and we never ever hear the antis and the haters utter a word about this.


    • Hi artwork.
      Thanks for your posts and for the kind words, very much appreciated. It sort of warms my heart to hear that there are people over there who love the South, though you haven’t (yet) been here. It’s good to hear how things are from those who are right there, rather than listening to news reports which we can’t always believe.

      I hope Christmas was a happy time for you , all the best in the coming New Year.

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      • Thank You, there are tons of us, my family have always been lovers of the Southern People , the place, place-names and the sheer beauty of the surroundings. Winter, Spring ,Summer or Autumn, the country is fantastic.


  4. Growing up where I lived we were made to watch so many movies where the bad guys were racist white southerners. They were always unjust about whites. You would think that MLK was the second coming based on how he was portrayed.

    I think the Methodist church becoming very influential in the north with Wesleyan African-brother-love is partially responsible for our problems.


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