Dixie Highway to be renamed?

It looks like yet another name is distressing some people — conjuring up ”painful memories.” The name Dixie, after all these years, is supposedly bringing up traumatic memories of things that happened what, centuries ago.

The elected officials who are eager to change the name ‘Dixie Highway’ to Freedom Highway are people who are too young to remember the time before political correctness, (the Vice-Mayor is all of 22 years old) and so it’s natural to destroy the ancient landmarks, as the Bible calls such things as Dixie Highway. Now, it is no longer a matter for the people as a whole to decide, but the prerogative of a handful of people who get ‘triggered’ by the mere thought of something they themselves never experienced, never lived through. How can anyone have ‘painful memories’ of something that happened before they were born, hundreds of years before?

Dixie Highway, Florida, ca 1920s

Miss (or is it Ms?) Javellana thinks that the song Dixie is all about slaves picking cotton, which apparently is a horrifying experience. The name Dixie and the well-known song of that title, which is an unofficial anthem in the South — or was, before this PC age — was one that we all sang in school and we thought of it just as a vision of life in the South. The phrase ‘the land of cotton’ just called up images of ‘Sweet Home’. Cotton growing in fields was a near-ubiquitous sight in certain areas of the South. Strangely, though, in recent years the sight of cotton growing is not so common anymore.

Apparently ‘cotton’ is itself a traumatic sight.

And Miss Javellana and her colleagues should be aware that picking cotton was something that all races and ages did in the South. White children picked cotton. Whole families picked cotton, particularly if they were poor White migrant workers (they existed), and many who grew cotton, if they couldn’t afford help, picked their own cotton. So no group can claim they alone had to pick cotton.

In any case slavery was abolished long ago. The South was devastated by the War and even more by Reconstruction. I think these city officials might benefit by reading the history of the place they live in, and try to understand the whole picture. The South is still being blamed though I think they have paid in full, and then some.

But reading the article shows how the South is no longer the same place. The people of the South are more or less a subjugated people.

What’s the saying? Vae victis.

4 thoughts on “Dixie Highway to be renamed?

  1. I’ve written long comments to the last several of your posts, including this one and the newest one concerning the church shooting incident, and they simply get lost in the ether as soon as I hit the “post comment” button. I’ve even copied and reposted a couple times when this has happened, all to no avail. I don’t know whether the problem is on my end or yours, but I’m trying to figure it out.

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    • Hi Terry – this is a really late reply but I thought I had written one to you — but it looks like I didn’t. I have problems with my posts disappearing, sometimes paragraphs disappear. I don’t know if it’s just glitches or what. I haven’t found help with tech support, although I am not on a ‘free’ plan with this blog — with the free plan you don’t get much support. I should try again with them, despite no luck so far.
      The other blog doesn’t seem to experience as much trouble.
      I have thought of changing platforms because it’s really frustrating at times.
      Sorry you’ve had problems posting. I do value any comments you might leave so I feel like we’re being cheated out of hearing from you. 😦


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