The latest incident in Texas

You’ve probably all heard about the church shooting in a Texas Church of Christ worship service. The commentary from people online is mixed, but some are saying that too many of the worshipers in the church were just hiding from the shooter, not trying to defend themselves.

However it was reported and noted that many of the churchgoers in attendance were carrying, and that several had drawn their guns for protection against the gunman.

I expect that some people in states where carrying is not so common among ordinary people will criticize those who did try and actually succeeded in taking down the shooter.

Just for perspective, as people were criticizing those who hid from the gunman, I wondered what kind of group of people they were; in my experience, Church of Christ people (and that includes many family members) are very conservative socially and politically, though they are giving way to ‘political correctness’ in the matter of ‘diversity’, but that doesn’t appear to play any part in this situation. The media, as usual, are being very close-mouthed about the identity of the gunman. There is this silly meme going around about this shooter, saying ”we won’t name him, because obviously that’s giving him what he wanted: notoriety. So we won’t even mention his name.” That’s some kind of lefty nonsense; of course someone who commits a crime like that should be named. Keeping the name a secret is just another way of shielding the person — a name can give away demographic information, and the PTB don’t want those kinds of facts known. Notice how they issue bulletins for wanted suspects — they give no description except that it was a male, etc. If it’s a man of European descent, we’ll surely be told that, up front. Otherwise?? Mentioning name or physical description? It will soon be illegal to do so, if it isn’t already in some places.

The only place online where I could find a good picture of the Church where the shooting happened was here. Take a look to see the people. I did notice that there were a lot of grey heads in the pews. It’s understandable then that not all were young and fit enough to react quickly to a situation like this. The shooter may have picked a church which looked like there were older people, seeing them as vulnerable.

One last note: some people questioned why the town where this happened was named ”White Settlement.” I suppose the fevered lefties jumped to the conclusion that it was some kind of ‘bigoted’ name choice. But the town’s own website says that the name was originated by the local Comanche people, who noticed the growing community of White settlers. And some of the local Indian tribes eventually settled down there as well. Yes, that did happen sometimes; the old ‘genocide’ meme is not necessarily factual.

This particular attack seems to have been targeting someone other than one of the ”protected groups.” Were they targeted as Christians? As Whites? Or just targets who looked vulnerable and ‘easy’ to pick off?

The left loves these events, so they can thump the drum for abolishing the Second Amendment, and disarming everyone, at least everyone who obeys the law. The criminal won’t be stopped by taking legal guns away or passing laws against citizens bearing arms. The bad guys always manage to get guns, and always will. And the frequency of these attacks seems to be intensifying.

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