Can we say it’s real now?

At Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden quotes an article by a Matt Agorist of It tells of how Congress has now allotted money for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to look at methods for cooling earth, via ‘geoengineering’ techniques.

“What could possibly go wrong?

Before we go any further, it is important to point out to new readers that we are not a satire site. We are not a conspiracy theory site. The information you are about to read is factually accurate and 100% real despite the ostensible ‘skeptics’ who claim otherwise.

Over the past several years, the “conspiracy theory” of spraying particles into the sky to cool the Earth has become more mainstream. It came to a head last year when CNBC put out a video titled How Bill Gates-Funded Solar Geoengineering Could Help End Climate Change.

The video is nothing short of an infomercial for chemtrails. It is truly bizarre how this subject has moved from the fringes of conspiracy circles and into the mainstream and no one is even batting an eye.”

Why, I keep asking, do many people insist on ridiculing any mention of so-called ‘chemtrails’, or aerosol spraying from planes? Whenever this subject comes up, (which rarely happens among ‘mainstream’ people who are averse to anything that involves ‘conspiracy theories’, there are derisive and dismissive comments. But why? There is ample evidence that these things are not only under consideration but are actually being put into practice. It’s hardly ‘secret’, given that one can see the aerosol spraying and its results, and it has not been done in a very covert way.

In fact I think I’ve posted pictures of documents relating to this subject of ‘geoengineering’ and weather modification. The documents were printed up and presented in Congressional hearings back in 1978. That was all of forty-two years ago — and yet it’s still denied as a ‘crazy conspiracy theory?’ Why?

How much paperwork or evidence is needed before people realize it’s actually happening, and not just a product of someone’s wild imagination?

I wonder why many people deny that there is any validity to it, and why it’s so important for them to ridicule the idea and anyone who suggests it’s real? It seems as though people have been conditioned, probably via the media (TV news, newspapers) to have a knee-jerk reaction to the subject, so that they immediately resort to derisive attitudes and comments?

I can understand why some people are averse to the idea of ‘climate change’ or anthropogenic ‘global warming’, because the left has been pushing that idea for some years now, and I myself don’t subscribe to their theory of what’s happening. Still, I don’t deny that the climate does seem to be changing, and that certain freakish weather phenomena (relating to the behavior of hurricanes, for example) are happening. I think something is amiss but I don’t subscribe to the UN’s idea or Greta Thunberg’s accusations.

Still the idea of ‘climate change’ and also ‘chemtrails’ seems to belong to the left; we associate it with leftist climate-obsessives. But even a broken clock is right twice a day, as the old saying goes, and what if the left is right about the trails, etc.?

And why should it be far-fetched to think that the government would use artificial means to try to control or modify weather? There are numerous articles to be found online outlining how the military would use weather mod and ‘geoengineering’ for various reasons. There have been stories (not verified as far as I know) that weather mod was used in the Korean war, for example, in creating heavy rainstorms over a battlefield. But now the interest seems to be in trying to curb the ”climate crisis’ that the young left in particular is obsessing over.

Years ago when I first began noticing the aerosol spraying and the effects on the natural cloud formations and skies overhead, I began to wonder if the whole ‘global warming’ threat was artificially created as a pretext for establishing more control over people, over our use of ‘fossil fuels’, the role of CO2 and so on. The thought I had was that TPTB were creating a climate crisis, in order to put more controls over the populace, or to start a panic among the volatile younger generations. It seems as though that has been the result.

When I mention the evidence of what we can see in the skies, don’t people notice how when the ‘trails’ are criss-crossing the skies, the trails don’t disappear like normal jet contrails, but spread out uniformly in a dull grey haze so that we rarely see a clear azure-blue sky as we used to. And there is a certain quality of heat to the sun; it feels more intense and focused. I’m not the only one to say this; other people who are keen observers of the skies and environment, people who work outdoors have made similar observations to mine. The climate has changed, and it’s most noticeable when the spraying is visible in the skies.

Yet other people deny anything is different, which is frustrating, because I don’t know how one can’t see and feel it.

It seems obvious that the global government would have, and does have, an interest in modifying the weather and in accordance, with trying to shape and control human activities in the context of this ‘threat’. Create the problem so as to implement a pre-ordained solution.

Unfortunately for now anyone who looks at this question without resorting to dismissal or denial is viewed as some kind of fanatic. I don’t know if the small bits of news about the subject that are appearing in the ‘normal’ media will be enough to convince the professional scoffers. It is baffling to me how people can live in denial of what we see and read and experience.

Religious faith and evolution

Ron Guhname at Inductivist discusses the role played by one’s religious beliefs in either accepting or rejecting Darwin’s speculations.

This is a question that interests me because I’ve come to notice over the years that fellow Christians often accept the idea of life originating spontaneously and human beings having ‘evolved’ from the primordial soup, or whatever today’s equivalent belief.

I don’t see how the two belief systems can be reconciled because Darwin’s ideas, at least as interpreted by postmodern Western peoples, have no room for a Creator, without twisting the plain teaching of the Christian Bible.

But it does seem as though most people on the right, though they may be nominally Christian, are willing to go along with the Darwinian orthodoxy rather than the Biblical teaching.

Not long ago I mentioned the results of a study by George Barna, the pollster who reports on Christian beliefs and practices. The results of the poll he had just done showed that the great majority of Americans who assert they are Christians do not in fact have a Biblical worldview. Instead, they seem to let the world shape their free-flowing interpretation of the Bible. For example, “the Genesis creation story can’t be true because archaeological findings prove that the earth is x billion years old, and the creation story in Genesis would seem to describe a more recent event” or words to that effect.

The Inductivist analysis of the data on people of various faiths vis-a-vis evolution show that (not surprisingly, I suppose) Moslems show the highest numbers of disbelievers in evolution, at 65.6 percent. Next, at 65.5, are those identified as simply ”Christians”.

Confusingly, next on the list are ”Protestants”, with a 63.6 per cent rejection of Darwinism or evolution. I don’t know why Protestants are differentiated from ‘Christians’ here. I would say the non-squishy Protestants (not liberal, not mainline) are less likely to believe in evolution or other non-Scriptural beliefs.

But in any case, comparing Protestants and Moslems it looks as though the numbers are pretty close as far as skepticism or disbelief in evolution. I just wonder why it seems that few right-wing Christians seem to question evolution, especially those people who accept the ideas of HBD. It seems to be necessary for them, in order to hold their current ambivalent beliefs, to accept that peoples “evolved” because of migration to different climates, producing ‘mutated” phenotypes, etc. It almost seems just a way of justifying their belief in HBD, because it sort of scientizes it.

But I don’t see how one can prove (sans a so-called ‘missing link’) that peoples can evolve into very different peoples no matter how much time might be allotted for this alchemy to take place, any more than the idea of life springing out of nothingness, caused by nothing.

Someone recently said, ‘if God wanted to create the domestic dog, couldn’t he just create the dog as He wanted him”, rather than taking the raw material (the wild canis lupus) and transmuting him into our pet dog? Couldn’t the same question apply to human beings? Maybe there were multiple progenitors not just two. Genesis even suggests this, if you read the book carefully.


Time alone will tell if this latest threat in the form of a virus (Coronavirus) will develop into something very serious. The media certainly seem to be ginning up a panic about it, at least in certain quarters.

Some as usual are saying this story is just another attempt at distracting the population from something ‘more important’ — some people are always sure that whatever the headline story may be, it isn’t the ”real” thing; the PTB are always trying to direct our attention elsewhere while they pull some new sleight-of-hand on us. I personally don’t take that cynical a view: sometimes the headlines do carry important stories; we can’t always be looking for a hidden ‘man behind the curtain’ in every single case.

There are a number of articles about this Coronavirus; it’s hard for the lay person to sift the valid advice from the questionable. A lot of discernment and cross-checking is needed to be up to speed. I don’t pretend to expert knowledge on this.

It seems common sense alone dictates being rather more safe than sorry, and taking precautionary measures if we find ourselves in an outbreak situation; if we live in an area where we are are greater risk then it’s not very wise, IMO, to be cavalier about this — if it proves to be a real danger to life and well-being.

And during that ebola scare from some years ago, I think I wrote about many of these same issues: was that ebola scare real? or a dry run just to see whether the public would be OK with lax measures: no real quarantines, ”victims” riding on regular passenger planes while ill, people supposedly ill with the disease out bicycling with boyfriends (“it’s a free country! You can’t quarantine people — it’s unconstitutional!”) We heard it all, and it seemed that the handling of it, if it was a real outbreak, was farce, except the humor was missing.

Reports tell differing stories of a few thousand victims to half a million. Who to believe?

As of now, it seems that huge numbers of people from the epicenter of this thing are flying back and forwards with utter freedom. Most news reports say that ‘tourists’ are involved, but I have a feeling that many of those flying between the West and Asia are living in Western countries, and flying back here to avail themselves of the Western medical facilities. Not a wise policy. It would seem prudence and concern for human life would mandate a containment effort as much as possible instead of spreading the infection willy-nilly.

But then what do common sense and humane values have to do with life in the 21st century? And how much do we have to say about any of it?

After The Huge Second Amendment Rally In Richmond Will Red Ralph Back Down? NO–He Will Double Down!

I came across this piece after writing my own on the subject, but this post makes a lot of good points to ampllify my simple thoughts about it.


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, thanks be to God our prayers were answered. The gigantic Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia was peaceful and went off without a hitch. Maybe when they saw the numbers of armed protesters Antifa decided it would be lots safer to back off and play at being no-shows for the day. They are lots more efficient at beating up on those who can’t resist than they are about facing honest opposition. So much for their “opposition” to fascism!

If ever you needed to see massive opposition to gun control, you saw it today in Richmond.

Will all that make any difference to Red Ralph and his socialist cadre in the legislature? Don’t kid yourselves! Today’s huge demonstration won’t make him and his socialist cohorts back down. It will make them double down! You have to understand one…

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Did the Virginia rally change anything?

Before the Virginia rally to show support for the Second Amendment, there was talk that a clash was almost certain to happen, and it may be that some people took those warnings to heart and didn’t attend — though from the Right’s point of view it would seem as though the rally succeeded in its purpose.

However — despite the fact that the pro-Second Amendment attendees showed that the image of the ‘redneck’ rowdy gun nuts, as characterized by the Left is just not reality, the Left seems to be going full speed ahead. The Democrats in Virginia introduced a measure in the Virginia Legislature to criminalize criticism of elected officials. House Bill 1627 would prohibit criticism of a number of elected officials, including, of course, the Governor.

This is all in addition to the Red Flag laws which are in the works, and they’ve already stopped the Republicans’ pro-Second Amendment measures which they were attempting to push.

Obviously the Left planned all this ahead of time, so as to keep a step or two ahead of the Right, foreseeing any countermeasures from the Republicans.

The idea of making it a crime to criticize elected officials is blatantly totalitarian in intent and in nature. This is just the kind of thing that went on in the old Communist bloc countries. So why are people so blasé, given that this has all been done and seen in the past?

Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov had a lot to say about that, predicting the direction this country was about to take. But I suspect not many of those who need to see his video — which for a long time was on YouTube — will have ever watched it. The warnings he gave fell on many deaf ears.

Thanks to decades of propaganda, with the left being aided and abetted by the leftist ‘journalists’ and cable news ‘personalities’, a great many people, especially the young, see nothing bad about Communism, Socialism, ‘Antifa’-ism, Bolshevism, Jacobinism, whatever name or form you want to give it.

Having reduced Communism to a joke, or a relic of the past, nobody fears the supposedly mythical monster. Beyond that, since most of the two youngest generations have been thoroughly conditioned as ‘postmodernists’, many don’t believe in Truth or in evil; there are no absolutes and everything is what you choose it to be.

And freedom can’t long survive in this kind of atmosphere. Expect more totalitarian measures and minimal pushback against it. I hope very much to be wrong about this.

Is there an unbiased source anywhere?

As the world continues to get crazier, the latest thing I am reading is that there is some kind of building controversy going on about the Rotherham crimes: several people commenting have said that the authorities in the UK are denying that ‘Asians’ are the prime perpetrators of the crimes.

For years now it’s been frustrating to watch many Americans in particular get angry that the term ‘Asian’ is applied to Pakistanis in Britain. I have never understood why this angers a lot of people. And now the prosecutor in the Rotherham cases denies that ‘Asians’ or Pakistanis have been the perpetrators in Rotherham or in a number of other Midlands towns and elsewhere. Nazir Afzal here says that White men have been responsible for a lot of the cases and he denies there is a religious connection to the crimes. Islam has nothing to do with it. So he says, even though some who are knowledgeable about Islam would say otherwise.

It seems to me that he will not admit that he is biased in favor of those he identifies with, but no person ‘of color’ ever gets accused of bias or prejudice; only us.

Meantime, a number of silly Americans are getting upset because they think the term ‘Asian’ should be reserved only for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, apparently.

But look at a globe or an Atlas. On which continent are Pakistan and India and Bangladesh? Africa? South America? Europe? Am I getting warm?

Years ago I was interviewed by an apparent Subcontinental. The issue of race came up and he pronounced himself to be ‘Asian.’ Then he specified he was ‘an Indo-Dravidian’. Was he wrong to say he was Asian? Are Dravidians also excluded from the club called ‘Asian’? According to most Americans, I guess the answer is yes. Only Northeast Asians are real Asians, it seems. And I can only guess that Americans, being partial to that group, are very protective of their image and want to reserve the name ‘Asian’ only for them.

Asia is a huge continent, including much of what was once the USSR. It includes a multitude of peoples, people with whom most of us are not personally familiar.

But Pakistanis originate in Asia. We all learned that in elementary geography classes, did we not? Also, most of the people we think of as Middle Eastern are also from the larger Asian continent. Israel is in Asia.

Another issue that frequently crops up is the assertion that Moslems are not a race. Well, that’s strictly speaking, true. H o w e v e r, those who are in our countries, though theoretically they could be from anywyhere, are in fact of Middle Eastern or South Asian ancestry most often. This means Asia.

In the UK it seems they are most often South Asian. So the term ‘Asian’ is not incorrect. And I know it’s pointless for me to write this, as the same things will be said again and again regardless.

The fact that most of our derelict schools stopped bothering to teach geography has not helped.

The ‘Asian-Not-Asian’ quarrel is sort of a side issue, but I just don’t understand why it is such an important thing for some people.

And it seems that on many of the blogs where this issue is being discussed, attacking Christianity is the priority for most of the people. Do these people represent the dominant group, since they seem to be everywhere? Or are they astroturf, shills?

Why are so many ‘intellectuals’ on the right obsessed with blaming Christianity and Christians for these situations? Why must they conflate the Christian faith with what they call the ‘alien desert religion?’ The tiresome fact that they do so only shows that they know nothing of Christianity nor of the meaning of certain Biblical passages — which they misquote and misunderstand.

Hence my question at the top of this piece: where are the people out there who don’t have a huge bias against Christianity, or against the British? It’s getting very depressing reading this stuff on so many blogs. But maybe that’s the whole purpose and point of it: to demoralize. And that itself says that the people behind this barrage of bias are not on our side.

Remembering Robert E. Lee

I don’t want to neglect the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. Now that his statues and memorials are being targeted, and his memory is being disparaged by emboldened leftist writers, I feel the need to give him the honor which is due him.

Robert Edward Lee in 1838

It’s sad to have to note that our history and heritage are under attack, and our heroes like General Lee are being called ‘traitors’ and other such names. And the saddest thing is the weak response to this. I give credit to those who stand up for our heritage; but there should be more voices heard speaking up to defend General Lee, and all our ancestors and kinsmen who fought honorably for the ‘Lost Cause’, defending our homeland against heavy odds.

I’ll just leave you with a quote from another great Southron, Rev. R.L. Dabney:

“We are a beaten, conquered people, gentlemen, and yet if we are true to ourselves, we have no cause for humiliation, however much for deep sorrow. It is only the atheist who adopts success as the criterion of right. It is not a new thing in the history of men that God appoints to the brave and true the stern task of contending and falling in a righteous quarrel. Would you find the grandest of all names upon the roll of time? You must seek them among this “noble army of martyrs,” whose faith in God and the right was stronger than death and defeat. Let the besotted fools say that our dead have fallen in a “lost cause.” Let abandoned defamers and pulpit buffoons say that theirs are “dishonored graves.” … We have no need, sirs, to be ashamed of our dead; let us see to it that they be not ashamed of us.” – –

Robert Lewis Dabney


One of my favorite traditional English songs mentions ‘Rotherham, in Yorkshire’ in the lyrics. Today the name ‘Rotherham’ calls up very sinister and unpleasant connotations, at least for those seeming few Americans who are paying attention.

If you read my piece which touches on this situation on the other blog you know my opinions about this, about how Americans disparage the English or the British for their lack of action.

But read the piece from the Iconconlast/New English Review to see what the situation is like there: the police appear complicit.

Rotherham police chief: we ignored sex abuse of children’. With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out.

This is so distasteful, this whole situation, that I think a lot of us shy away from it, avoid discussing it except maybe in private conversations with people we know well, and people who are not going to throw tantrums if they are hearing things that violate their ‘snowflake’ preconceptions, or their politically correct religion.

I’m not an exception; I don’t like discussing these things, but even less do I like the fact that these things are happening. And what was Edmund Burke’s famous saying? “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Actually if we want to be pedantic Burke didn’t say that. According to this website, J.S. Mill said something like it before Burke made his statement.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke, including by John F Kennedy in a speech in 1961. Burke didn’t say it, and its earliest form was by John Stuart Mill, who said in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” Thanks to Andrew Marshall. 

[Bolding at the end of the quote is mine.]

But to return to the point here, the bad men who are carrying out this systematic Rotherham atrocity (and I call it that purposely) are finding that the ‘good men’ seem to be ”looking on and doing nothing.” That’s at least the belief of the Rotherham perpetrators, and seemingly of many Americans who post comments online. People seem to have decided that Britain is essentially a lost cause, an island of people who don’t love their children and don’t have any revulsion towards evil.

But is that true? The hands of the British public have been tied, where legal options are concerned, and the ‘hate speech’ laws have criminalized even telling the truth about this situation — the perpetrators are of a shielded and protected group, who are apparently being given carte blanche to carry out this demoralizing and degrading action against a lot of young people who will be damaged physically, psychically, and spiritually, as will their families and thus the whole town. And the worse thing is that this situation in Rotherham is not isolated, not a one-off situation. It’s apparently being done or has been done in various English towns.

Fathers have tried to get help from the so-called law-enforcement authorities, and have been accused and imprisoned for doing so, in some cases. This is as I said on the other piece I just wrote.

Surely we owe some sympathy rather than disdain and condemnation towards the families of these young people. What can the populace do if the authorities seem to be siding against them, rather than the criminals?

For whom do the ‘law-enforcers’ work? Are they supposed to defend their own folk, or people who are a danger to the citizenry?

And do we in America have a right to criticize or condemn, when our folk, too, have been victims of known criminals? What about Kate Steinle in San Francisco? Not the same situation, obviously, but whose side were the authorities on? Where was justice there? And what has been done to rectify it? What can we do? Nothing as long as ‘our’ leaders continue to appear to be against us.

I should not feel the need to be constrained in saying what I am saying, because our system, our Constitution supposedly guarantees us the right to free speech, and to speak truth, and to petition for our grievances, to ‘cry in the street’ our grievances. But the fact is we don’t have free speech, and others who claim to be ”offended” can silence us with just a word of complaint. Who is preferred here? Or in the UK?

As to our rights, which are now under attack everywhere it seems, the late R. Carter Pittman wrote a lot about these things, years ago. On the first Amendment:

The First Amendment doesn’t say that those rights are given to the people. It says the people never gave them away. That Amendment is based upon the proposition that freedom of religion, freedom to speak, to write and to sigh and to cry, to assemble and to pray for deliverance from grievances, are the gift of God—not governments—and that they are held by the leave of no man and no government on earth. If government can give a right it can take it away or it can license the exercise of it.”

In much of the former Western world, former Christendom, those rights were protected almost universally, except in the Eastern bloc totalitarian systems. But though we are not in the best of shape here, the UK seems to be gone further down the Orwellian path; it may be that we will follow right behind them unless things turn around. But without the right to speak freely, or to even name known wrongdoers for fear of punishment by the Powers, do they have freedom?

Do we? So far we still have a little leeway to speak or write — but it seems to be shrinking by the day. More and more we have to take care what we say, with what words we say it, and to whom or about whom we say it or write it.

But to condemn other peoples because they find themselves deprived of the ‘rights of Englishmen’ as we and they once had is misplaced. Most of us did not believe we could ever have our ‘inviolable’ rights taken away; some just can’t believe the brazenness with which it’s being done, and it’s taken many of us by surprise. We weren’t vigilant in protecting our liberties, as we were told to ‘guard’ our liberties zealously. We haven’t. Neither have our British and English cousins. We are all facing the same quandary.

In the meantime the Rotherham-style crimes go on, as the local ‘authorities’ go on protecting the perpetrators, and it seems as in Mill’s words, ”good men look on and do nothing.” But some have tried, and were thwarted.

But as I’ve said before when questioning that spurious quote from Edmund Burke, if a man looks on evil and does nothing, is he a good man? No good man can look on evil dispassionately. Only amoral, hollowed-out, demoralized people can do that. And there are such people; we see them, and the results of their lack of righteousness.

I feel the need to add that no good man looks on the misfortune and suffering of others and turns away in indifference, and no good man or woman derides others’ troubles. I see that happening in this situation.

We have our own problems to solve; our problems are not completely unlike what our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic are facing. They may differ in degree but not in kind. We can’t afford to look down on the people over there, or feel morally superior to them. Only the soulless cynics are prone to do that.

Disappointing news

I was sorry to read that the blogger at Liberae Sunt Nostrae Cogitatiores/Cantandum in Ezkhaton will be discontinuing his blog. I thought he was doing great work in aggregating links from various dissident right blogs, including my own blog here, occasionally. Through his work I found other worthy blogs I hadn’t yet been familiar with. It’s helpful to discover new voices and different opinions. Change is a good thing at times.

I realize people often have to make changes due to life circumstances and I wish him well in his future endeavors, though I am sorry the blog won’t be continuing.

Fake news?

Lately the left and the whole media establishment are again accusing the right, or anyone else telling the truth, that they are actually guilty of creating ‘fake news’. This time, the left has been shouting that the cause of global warming climate change Climate Crisis is ‘Climate-deniers’, people who refuse to go along with the left’s half-baked notions.

The recent arrests made by Australian authorities, reportedly almost two hundred people, have elicited shrill denials from the left’s media lackeys and the small army of leftist adolescents of all ages who refuse to admit that there have been a number of intentional fires set. The left think that by stopping their ears at any hint of Truth, and issuing their own fabricated story of what ”really”’ happened, they can keep their anti-factual narrative alive and dominant. Sadly, it often works because most of the time the media supports the left’s Fake News narratives even when the evidence doesn’t. But will this situation go on forever or will the majority use their common sense instead of accepting a false account of these fires?

When some of the media organs in Australia reporting that a certain percentage of the fires were man-caused by either carelessness or outright arson, the media and their leftist faithful went into overdrive trying to discredit the stories of how the fires began. However even before the stories became more widely publicized, I read articles giving a breakdown of the causes of Australian bushfires in general, even before the latest highly sensationalized media reports about the unprecedented number of fires this year. I’m sure many people saw those reports, containing pie charts showing the different causes of fires, as documented by authorities.

The left must have anticipated this contradiction because they had their accusations all ready to go when the reports came out.

I encounter a lot of younger, left-wing young ones on a certain site and some of them if not most are beyond agitated about the stories that anyone has actually started fires. In their minds, the only guilty parties are the people who don’t go along with the ‘Climate crisis’, the ”deniers”,. Remember the talk in the media about proposals to jail anyone who denies that global warming Warble Gloaming The Climate Crisis’ exists? Also the Australian politicians who are ‘right-wing’ (in fact, probably just middle-of-the-road) are the only other designated villains in this story, as the young leftists see it, and that’s the way the left has purposely framed it. Anybody who is not on the same page as Greta Thunberg and her legion of juvenile ‘activists’ is the Enemy.

It’s certainly well-known by a lot of people in our country that environmentalists’ practices of refusing to cut underbrush contributes considerably to the spread of these fires. But I suppose the worse-than-useless Big Media everywhere refuses to discuss the facts. There are a number of articles like this one which discuss this approach to controlling fires, but the search engines seem to do their best to hide these suggestions before the ideas can catch on, or even be discussed.

I’m not a fan of Townhall Magazine in general, but there’s a good sound article there about the fires.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a really free press in which the truth was not only allowed, but held in high regard? Woudn’t it help to hear all sides the story? Imagine. And how many of the Thunberg cult are aware of any facts on this situation? Instead they are all blind followers of the blind. We can’t build a healthy society in such conditions.

And wouldn’t it be good if humankind could stop trying to be his own god?

The left takes its cues from these latter-day high priests known as scientists, imputing near-omniscience to them, when reality shows that ‘science’ does not have all the answers, though they often seem to pretend to. But we’ve seen how the integrity of ‘science’ has been compromised, how scientists have at times (how many times, who knows?) falsified data and hence perpetrated incorrect if not outright fraudulent conclusions. Climategate, if anyone remembers that, was proof of the lack of trustworthiness in science, but the media, the scientists, and their young cult followers succeeded in hushing up the sordid story and burying it, or so it appears.

And yet these same people claim to be the unimpeachable sources of truth, the ultimate authorities in their world in which there is no God. They prefer to acknowledge either no god(s) or the false god of Science — which ultimately means that God is simply human reason — as they see it, anyway.

Maybe only those who believe in an ordered and purposeful universe, ruled by a God who is not a chaotic and unknowable deity, can make sense of the reality we live in, and recognize truth, rather than coming up with confusing fabrications about the nature of reality.