Scots-Irish presidents, and others

“It is a circumstance worthy of note, that three of the Presidents of the United States, Jackson, Monro [sic], and Polk, have sprung from the same race, the Scottish colonists of the north of Ireland. Jackson certainly exhibited in an eminent degree the strongest and best points of that ancestral character, which presents a singularly happy union of the sterner virtues that distinguish the Scot, with the strong impulses, quick perception, and warm affections of the Irish people. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the Adamses, were of English descent, and in the lives and character of all, in varying proportions, we can clearly trace the distinctive traits which point to their Anglo-Saxon origin. Van Buren has been the only descendant of the Dutch colonists that has attained the highest honours in the Union.” – New York Herald

I don’t know the date of publication of the quote above; sorry. I tried to track it down, with no luck. But the fact that the writer says that Van Buren was the only Dutch colonist-descendant to reach the Presidency dates the quote to no later than the late 19th-early 20th century. Teddy Roosevelt became President in 1901.

Interestingly those who promote the interests of Scots-Irish descendants in America also claim Teddy Roosevelt and his distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt as counted Scots Irish because they had, as in Teddy’s case, a recent ancestor who was Scottish.

It’s normal and natural and healthy to think favorably of your ancestral origins. I don’t object to that at all. And as for the Scots-Irish, or Ulster Scots more accurately, I like their spirit and their sternness, but reading the news out of Ulster, I wonder about the future. The nation-wreckers are turning their attention to Ulster, and are bestowing Diversity on the Ulster folk. Also the people in Ulster are apparently not in favor of the (still-pending) Brexit in the UK, at least under Boris Johnson’s terms. Will the people of Ulster, primarily the (for-now) majority, still identify as British and fly the Union Jack or will they unite with the Irish Republic, which is being transformed into another multicult province in the NWO? That’s a whole other story for another time; the situation is still in flux.

But to return to the history of the Scots-Irish in America, I notice that more and more presidents and other noted figures are being claimed by those who advocate for their folk. Most of the websites who promote their ethnicity make dubious claims about the presidents’ ancestry. As I mentioned, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR are claimed as Scots-Irish. The Roosevelts were aware of some Scottish ancestry. FDR, at least, acknowledged some English blood, but you won’t find that in a lot of the presidential ancestry pieces. Obviously by ancestry they were very much of Dutch colonial stock. Some people also claim that the Roosevelts were partly Jewish. I don’t know if that’s true; I have no knowledge about it other than what I’ve read.

Now, some people online say that Thomas Jefferson was ‘Scots-Irish’. As far as I know, and I know the family line well, Jefferson had some Welsh ancestry but he was primarily English, and spoke proudly of Anglo-Saxon forebears, and proposed that this country have a flag bearing likenesses of Hengist and Horsa, our Anglo-Saxon ancestors.

It’s claimed on some websites that Jefferson’s mother was Scottish through her Randolph ancestors. But knowing the Randolph line too, as it is my lineage also, the Scottish ancestry comes from many generations back. And if it comes right down to it, many of the Scottish nobility were Normans originally — even Robert the Bruce, the great heroic figure.

Maybe it’s flattering to be claimed by another nation or people as being one of their own; I suppose it should be considered something of an honor. But it does mislead many people when these shaky claims are made. In a sense it’s sort of like poaching other nations’ great men and heroes, by claiming they belong to another people, and their exploits and accomplishments are also claimed. I suppose some of this is not invidious in its intent; I suppose it’s just a case of believing too much of what one reads online, without looking to trustworthy sources. I recommend old books, primary sources where possible, rather than today’s sorry excuse for journalism.

In closing, I’ll mention another blog piece relating to the Scots-Irish. It’s from Ron Guhname at the Inductivist blog. To pique your interest, it’s called “Are the Scots-Irish leading the way toward race-consciousness?” It’s based on his interpretations of data (by ethnicity, and other factors) from the 2016 Presidential election.

N.B.: If you have any interest in Thomas Jefferson’s lineage this website has quite a lot of information. There are typos here and there but the information looks solid for the most part.

2 thoughts on “Scots-Irish presidents, and others

  1. The Scotch Irish have an inferiority complex. The colonies were all English. I think that the Hillbillies had a culturally destructive influence on the U.S.A.. What is Southern Baptism exactly.

    I would be interested to know if they were legitimate immigrants to the pre-revolution colonies?
    I know that many Quakers and Yankees were unhappy about uncouth persons being dumped on them who brought down the culture and avoided tax. The Cavaliers were mad about Squatters on their lands? The Crown was ,I think, just trying to get rid of the most undesirable people from their Islands.
    Where in Britain did the convicts come from. When was the first schoolhouse or Church built in the Appalachia’s?

    I am sick of all the half truths on the internet regarding the nations history.


  2. It would say that it is now impossible to dispute the dominance of the Scots Irish in Appalachia. As you rightly say the Internet must take much of the blame along with authors such as Webb and McWhiney. In 1790 the population of the Appalachian states was 83% English, 11% Scots and 2.3%Irish by surname. Despite this we have such Youtube Videos as ‘The Scots Irish and German Settlers and Their Dwellings.’ No mention of the English who outnumbered them by far. English songs and dances are claimed as Scots Irish and people of English descent are also claimed such as Daniel Boone, the Hatfields and even Andrew Jackson whose family came from Yorkshire.
    I believe that most of the convicts came from London and south west England . the indentured servants came from most of the regions of England. These all helped to populate the states east of the Appalachians and were then by far the the most populous immigrants into West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.
    I myself am English and strongly object to my people being erased from history by the Scots Irish myth. ‘ A Century of Population Growth 1790 to 1900 ‘ Chapter XI should help.


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