On the situation in the Middle East

I realize it’s the topic of discussion on most blogs at the moment, as well as possibly IRL. But then I don’t get out into the ‘real world’ as much these days due to circumstances.

I won’t offer much of an opinion on the matter right now, though I suppose everyone is waiting to hear my take on it. (Obviously I’m saying that wryly and not in seriousness.) I have no illusions there.

All I can say is: although I’m no pacifist, not by a long shot, neither am I eager for this thing to end in a big worldwide mess. I was one of a relatively small group of right-wing bloggers, other than the Old Guard of the Paleocons (whom I admired, for their principles) who did not support the Iraq war, because like the Paleocons, I thought we just had no business meddling in other countries. All of us who held that position took a lot of criticism and outright condemnation for it.

I thought that G.W. Bush and the neocons’ idea of ”bringing Democracy to the world” was one never-ending fool’s errand. More than ever I think so, because history has proven it since then.

”Democracy” is not what it’s cracked up to be, even for us, and it was not what our ancestors envisioned for this country — which was from the beginning a Republic, not a democracy. Other cultures don’t seem to ‘get’ freedom in the same way that our ancestors did; I do believe that those of us who ‘speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake’ had an idea that was unique in that respect.

It may be that Trump took action that needed to be taken. Or it may be that this thing will escalate out of control. Let’s hope and pray it isn’t the beginning of something worse.

One thought on “On the situation in the Middle East

  1. I agree that it is not especially wise or prudent for mere commoners to speculate about such things existing at a level that is purely outside our level(s) of expertise, and of which we can therefore have very little to no reliable information to go on to help us form a rational and intelligent opinion on. I also agree that meddling with other nations and their affairs is generally a bad idea all around. And, yes, “democracy” is suitable to a certain kind of people, not s’much to a certain other kind of people. And I ain’t real sure it is even suitable to our kind of people, or at least “most suitable,” when you boil it all down…


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