Building walls, and laying out the welcome mat

I’m always a little leery of spending my scarce blogging time on criticizing the President. There is always a group that believe in unquestioning support for anything and everything that someone on ‘our side’ says or does. We’re only supposed to shout ‘Amen’.

Usually this attitude holds toward any GOP president; GWB, inept as he was, had quite a crowd of cheerleaders who called anyone who found a fault in him a ‘traitor’ or a turncoat.

Now we have a President talking about the walls being built along our Southern border, or should we say our onetime, used-to-be border. Or what we laughingly refer to as a border. The word means a line dividing two countries, districts, etc. Or it may mean just the area in the vicinity of that line. I think the meaning for the current political leaders, of both parties, is a far more vague meaning than the primary one.

Why all the talk, in the earlier days of this administration, of limiting refugee intake, which is overwhelming many areas of this country, especially the areas that these double-talking politicians consider ”diversity-deficient?” Areas which have had stable demographics for the most part, which are now being overwhelmed, both with cultural change and the costs of dealing with many newcomers? And while the government spends lots of money towards this refugee scheme, the local authorities have to deal with much of the cost, both in monetary terms and in cultural terms, social terms. The communities (by which I mean the long-established populations who actually have a connection, a bond, and a history as cohesive groups of people here in America) pay a toll. The powers that be just want us to continue to turn a blind eye or the other cheek.

And in addition to the 1.5 Million (approximately) legal immigrants we have the ‘refugees’ and unknown numbers of people not here legally. Here to stay. Occasionally we are reassured that illegal border crossing is diminishing, or the other dubious story that ‘the illegals are going home now because they’re afraid. Somehow I’m unconvinced. I think the PTB just don’t want the nativists getting restless.

So now I’m hearing that the President defended bringing many more H1b visa workers from India or wherever. When Laura Ingraham of Fox News questioned him rather aggressively about this, reminding him that he ran on an ‘America First’ policy, it angered a few people because Laura was rude or disrespectful to him. I’m in favor of everyone being polite and civil inasmuch as possible. But I don’t want the knee-jerk defenders of what passes for the ‘right’ in this country to try to stifle any honest questioning of our political leaders.Politicians are not demigods; they are not sacrosanct. I saw far too much of this ‘my President, right or wrong” when GW Bush was President. Brazen as the two grifting Democrat ‘Co-presidents’ of 1992-2000 were, it was Reagan and Bush who did more to create and escalate our essentially open-borders policy.

I think some of the drama and sleight-of-hand that’s been going on for so many years, what with all the talk of ‘enforcing the border’ vs. the ‘nation of immigrants’ propaganda, is an effort to say one thing and continue doing the opposite. I had doubts back in 2016, which have now been confirmed.

The President and all the other immigration-sympathizing politicians seem to think that they are just as much obliged to people from every other country on this planet as they are to the people who elected them, the people who are their compatriots. But I increasingly think the ‘New World Order’ that George H.W. Bush alluded to is our reality now.

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