Fake news?

Lately the left and the whole media establishment are again accusing the right, or anyone else telling the truth, that they are actually guilty of creating ‘fake news’. This time, the left has been shouting that the cause of global warming climate change Climate Crisis is ‘Climate-deniers’, people who refuse to go along with the left’s half-baked notions.

The recent arrests made by Australian authorities, reportedly almost two hundred people, have elicited shrill denials from the left’s media lackeys and the small army of leftist adolescents of all ages who refuse to admit that there have been a number of intentional fires set. The left think that by stopping their ears at any hint of Truth, and issuing their own fabricated story of what ”really”’ happened, they can keep their anti-factual narrative alive and dominant. Sadly, it often works because most of the time the media supports the left’s Fake News narratives even when the evidence doesn’t. But will this situation go on forever or will the majority use their common sense instead of accepting a false account of these fires?

When some of the media organs in Australia reporting that a certain percentage of the fires were man-caused by either carelessness or outright arson, the media and their leftist faithful went into overdrive trying to discredit the stories of how the fires began. However even before the stories became more widely publicized, I read articles giving a breakdown of the causes of Australian bushfires in general, even before the latest highly sensationalized media reports about the unprecedented number of fires this year. I’m sure many people saw those reports, containing pie charts showing the different causes of fires, as documented by authorities.

The left must have anticipated this contradiction because they had their accusations all ready to go when the reports came out.

I encounter a lot of younger, left-wing young ones on a certain site and some of them if not most are beyond agitated about the stories that anyone has actually started fires. In their minds, the only guilty parties are the people who don’t go along with the ‘Climate crisis’, the ”deniers”,. Remember the talk in the media about proposals to jail anyone who denies that global warming Warble Gloaming The Climate Crisis’ exists? Also the Australian politicians who are ‘right-wing’ (in fact, probably just middle-of-the-road) are the only other designated villains in this story, as the young leftists see it, and that’s the way the left has purposely framed it. Anybody who is not on the same page as Greta Thunberg and her legion of juvenile ‘activists’ is the Enemy.

It’s certainly well-known by a lot of people in our country that environmentalists’ practices of refusing to cut underbrush contributes considerably to the spread of these fires. But I suppose the worse-than-useless Big Media everywhere refuses to discuss the facts. There are a number of articles like this one which discuss this approach to controlling fires, but the search engines seem to do their best to hide these suggestions before the ideas can catch on, or even be discussed.

I’m not a fan of Townhall Magazine in general, but there’s a good sound article there about the fires.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a really free press in which the truth was not only allowed, but held in high regard? Woudn’t it help to hear all sides the story? Imagine. And how many of the Thunberg cult are aware of any facts on this situation? Instead they are all blind followers of the blind. We can’t build a healthy society in such conditions.

And wouldn’t it be good if humankind could stop trying to be his own god?

The left takes its cues from these latter-day high priests known as scientists, imputing near-omniscience to them, when reality shows that ‘science’ does not have all the answers, though they often seem to pretend to. But we’ve seen how the integrity of ‘science’ has been compromised, how scientists have at times (how many times, who knows?) falsified data and hence perpetrated incorrect if not outright fraudulent conclusions. Climategate, if anyone remembers that, was proof of the lack of trustworthiness in science, but the media, the scientists, and their young cult followers succeeded in hushing up the sordid story and burying it, or so it appears.

And yet these same people claim to be the unimpeachable sources of truth, the ultimate authorities in their world in which there is no God. They prefer to acknowledge either no god(s) or the false god of Science — which ultimately means that God is simply human reason — as they see it, anyway.

Maybe only those who believe in an ordered and purposeful universe, ruled by a God who is not a chaotic and unknowable deity, can make sense of the reality we live in, and recognize truth, rather than coming up with confusing fabrications about the nature of reality.

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