Remembering Robert E. Lee

I don’t want to neglect the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. Now that his statues and memorials are being targeted, and his memory is being disparaged by emboldened leftist writers, I feel the need to give him the honor which is due him.

Robert Edward Lee in 1838

It’s sad to have to note that our history and heritage are under attack, and our heroes like General Lee are being called ‘traitors’ and other such names. And the saddest thing is the weak response to this. I give credit to those who stand up for our heritage; but there should be more voices heard speaking up to defend General Lee, and all our ancestors and kinsmen who fought honorably for the ‘Lost Cause’, defending our homeland against heavy odds.

I’ll just leave you with a quote from another great Southron, Rev. R.L. Dabney:

“We are a beaten, conquered people, gentlemen, and yet if we are true to ourselves, we have no cause for humiliation, however much for deep sorrow. It is only the atheist who adopts success as the criterion of right. It is not a new thing in the history of men that God appoints to the brave and true the stern task of contending and falling in a righteous quarrel. Would you find the grandest of all names upon the roll of time? You must seek them among this “noble army of martyrs,” whose faith in God and the right was stronger than death and defeat. Let the besotted fools say that our dead have fallen in a “lost cause.” Let abandoned defamers and pulpit buffoons say that theirs are “dishonored graves.” … We have no need, sirs, to be ashamed of our dead; let us see to it that they be not ashamed of us.” – –

Robert Lewis Dabney

2 thoughts on “Remembering Robert E. Lee

  1. Thanks for the reminder, VA. General Lee was a true man of honor and a patriot; one whose character all Southrons should strive to emulate.

    I was just thinking that I must have read everything Dabney ever wrote or scribbled down, and then some (ha!) by now. But then it occurred to me that I’ve only read about a quarter of his Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson, so I’d best get busy and finish that up. Dabney, too, was a great man, as you say; a true and loyal son of the Grand Old Commonwealth to the bitter end. How many of her sons and daughters could we name alongside these others who were equally loyal and patriotic and truly great men and women. They don’t make ’em like that anymore, and certainly not in Virginia, overrun as she is by foreign hordes and the great great grandchildren of money grubbing Yankee carpet baggers. It saddens and angers me to think about it.

    I started a project about a year ago studying the scapegoating and murder of Captain Wirz. I got sidetracked for many months but got back to it a month or so back. It sometimes amazes me that it has long since been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that that whole “trial” was calculated to satisfy the insatiable blood lust in the North while simultaneously covering up real war crimes committed against the South both in Northern POW camps, and against helpless women and children, the aged and infirm. But of course movies like Andersonville don’t help matters any with the way the common herd looks at the likes of Captain Wirz.

    People are idiots.

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    • Glad to see you were able to get a post through! Thanks for the comments.
      Thinking of General Lee, and the sad state of things these days, it’s disheartening to see what’s happening in the Old Commonwealth, and what some people are calling (aptly) the ‘War of Northam Aggresssion’. Who knows how that will turn out. I can’t guess.

      I have not read the Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson by Dabney, or perhaps bits and pieces. There are so many books I would like to read and I don’t seem to find the time. But I really should try.

      I don’t like to have to admit it but I’ve slowly come to agree with you that many people are in fact ‘idiots’; when we look at what’s happening it seems we can’t escape that suspicion.


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