Time alone will tell if this latest threat in the form of a virus (Coronavirus) will develop into something very serious. The media certainly seem to be ginning up a panic about it, at least in certain quarters.

Some as usual are saying this story is just another attempt at distracting the population from something ‘more important’ — some people are always sure that whatever the headline story may be, it isn’t the ”real” thing; the PTB are always trying to direct our attention elsewhere while they pull some new sleight-of-hand on us. I personally don’t take that cynical a view: sometimes the headlines do carry important stories; we can’t always be looking for a hidden ‘man behind the curtain’ in every single case.

There are a number of articles about this Coronavirus; it’s hard for the lay person to sift the valid advice from the questionable. A lot of discernment and cross-checking is needed to be up to speed. I don’t pretend to expert knowledge on this.

It seems common sense alone dictates being rather more safe than sorry, and taking precautionary measures if we find ourselves in an outbreak situation; if we live in an area where we are are greater risk then it’s not very wise, IMO, to be cavalier about this — if it proves to be a real danger to life and well-being.

And during that ebola scare from some years ago, I think I wrote about many of these same issues: was that ebola scare real? or a dry run just to see whether the public would be OK with lax measures: no real quarantines, ”victims” riding on regular passenger planes while ill, people supposedly ill with the disease out bicycling with boyfriends (“it’s a free country! You can’t quarantine people — it’s unconstitutional!”) We heard it all, and it seemed that the handling of it, if it was a real outbreak, was farce, except the humor was missing.

Reports tell differing stories of a few thousand victims to half a million. Who to believe?

As of now, it seems that huge numbers of people from the epicenter of this thing are flying back and forwards with utter freedom. Most news reports say that ‘tourists’ are involved, but I have a feeling that many of those flying between the West and Asia are living in Western countries, and flying back here to avail themselves of the Western medical facilities. Not a wise policy. It would seem prudence and concern for human life would mandate a containment effort as much as possible instead of spreading the infection willy-nilly.

But then what do common sense and humane values have to do with life in the 21st century? And how much do we have to say about any of it?

One thought on “Epidemic?

  1. Lobby your local politicians,Governors and Health chiefs to agitate for closed borders with problem area’s and nations. On issues like this it does make a difference. Phone calls and emails are good choices.

    Civil action is so important on problems like this.

    Happy day Bonnyblue


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