Can we say it’s real now?

At Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden quotes an article by a Matt Agorist of It tells of how Congress has now allotted money for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to look at methods for cooling earth, via ‘geoengineering’ techniques.

“What could possibly go wrong?

Before we go any further, it is important to point out to new readers that we are not a satire site. We are not a conspiracy theory site. The information you are about to read is factually accurate and 100% real despite the ostensible ‘skeptics’ who claim otherwise.

Over the past several years, the “conspiracy theory” of spraying particles into the sky to cool the Earth has become more mainstream. It came to a head last year when CNBC put out a video titled How Bill Gates-Funded Solar Geoengineering Could Help End Climate Change.

The video is nothing short of an infomercial for chemtrails. It is truly bizarre how this subject has moved from the fringes of conspiracy circles and into the mainstream and no one is even batting an eye.”

Why, I keep asking, do many people insist on ridiculing any mention of so-called ‘chemtrails’, or aerosol spraying from planes? Whenever this subject comes up, (which rarely happens among ‘mainstream’ people who are averse to anything that involves ‘conspiracy theories’, there are derisive and dismissive comments. But why? There is ample evidence that these things are not only under consideration but are actually being put into practice. It’s hardly ‘secret’, given that one can see the aerosol spraying and its results, and it has not been done in a very covert way.

In fact I think I’ve posted pictures of documents relating to this subject of ‘geoengineering’ and weather modification. The documents were printed up and presented in Congressional hearings back in 1978. That was all of forty-two years ago — and yet it’s still denied as a ‘crazy conspiracy theory?’ Why?

How much paperwork or evidence is needed before people realize it’s actually happening, and not just a product of someone’s wild imagination?

I wonder why many people deny that there is any validity to it, and why it’s so important for them to ridicule the idea and anyone who suggests it’s real? It seems as though people have been conditioned, probably via the media (TV news, newspapers) to have a knee-jerk reaction to the subject, so that they immediately resort to derisive attitudes and comments?

I can understand why some people are averse to the idea of ‘climate change’ or anthropogenic ‘global warming’, because the left has been pushing that idea for some years now, and I myself don’t subscribe to their theory of what’s happening. Still, I don’t deny that the climate does seem to be changing, and that certain freakish weather phenomena (relating to the behavior of hurricanes, for example) are happening. I think something is amiss but I don’t subscribe to the UN’s idea or Greta Thunberg’s accusations.

Still the idea of ‘climate change’ and also ‘chemtrails’ seems to belong to the left; we associate it with leftist climate-obsessives. But even a broken clock is right twice a day, as the old saying goes, and what if the left is right about the trails, etc.?

And why should it be far-fetched to think that the government would use artificial means to try to control or modify weather? There are numerous articles to be found online outlining how the military would use weather mod and ‘geoengineering’ for various reasons. There have been stories (not verified as far as I know) that weather mod was used in the Korean war, for example, in creating heavy rainstorms over a battlefield. But now the interest seems to be in trying to curb the ”climate crisis’ that the young left in particular is obsessing over.

Years ago when I first began noticing the aerosol spraying and the effects on the natural cloud formations and skies overhead, I began to wonder if the whole ‘global warming’ threat was artificially created as a pretext for establishing more control over people, over our use of ‘fossil fuels’, the role of CO2 and so on. The thought I had was that TPTB were creating a climate crisis, in order to put more controls over the populace, or to start a panic among the volatile younger generations. It seems as though that has been the result.

When I mention the evidence of what we can see in the skies, don’t people notice how when the ‘trails’ are criss-crossing the skies, the trails don’t disappear like normal jet contrails, but spread out uniformly in a dull grey haze so that we rarely see a clear azure-blue sky as we used to. And there is a certain quality of heat to the sun; it feels more intense and focused. I’m not the only one to say this; other people who are keen observers of the skies and environment, people who work outdoors have made similar observations to mine. The climate has changed, and it’s most noticeable when the spraying is visible in the skies.

Yet other people deny anything is different, which is frustrating, because I don’t know how one can’t see and feel it.

It seems obvious that the global government would have, and does have, an interest in modifying the weather and in accordance, with trying to shape and control human activities in the context of this ‘threat’. Create the problem so as to implement a pre-ordained solution.

Unfortunately for now anyone who looks at this question without resorting to dismissal or denial is viewed as some kind of fanatic. I don’t know if the small bits of news about the subject that are appearing in the ‘normal’ media will be enough to convince the professional scoffers. It is baffling to me how people can live in denial of what we see and read and experience.

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