Our Canadian cousins

I’m taking a moment to compliment our Canadian fellow bloggers and activists (note the blog names in my blogroll) who are doing such a superb job of advocacy for their folk.

I notice the spirit and earnestness in some of the posts about the situation in Canada, where it seems that ‘old stock’ Canadians are in the process of being replaced. This is no ‘conspiracy’ nor is it ‘fake news’ as the crazy left terms everything they don’t like. Trudeau himself has admitted that replacement of old stock Canadians is on the cards. How much plainer does it have to be made?

We’re in a similar situation, though perhaps in slower motion. But where is the passion and spirit on our side? If only we could muster a little of that for our cause. Even if we think all hope is lost, as so many people say, it’s necessary to go on, even if only to act as though there is still something that can be done. To say that it’s hopeless becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As I said before in a post about this subject, in my experience the Canadians are usually very amiable people, well-mannered and by our standards, seemingly mild. But to my surprise they seem to be speaking up boldly, and I know that in today’s world, that’s taking a risk, when ‘our’ governments do not want truth-speakers to be heard.

At the Canadian border, as some of you may know there is the ‘Peace Arch’, which is meant to honor the peace between America and Canada, and the long unprotected border — which sadly is being used by those who enter our countries furtively. But the inscription at the Arch is ”Children of a Common Mother.” The Canadians are our brethren genetically, at least the Old Stock Canadians are. Bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh, even more so than many of the current inhabitants of both our countries.

We should form a closer bond with those who are our kin, and those who are facing the same dubious fate as we are.

Keep up the good work, Canadian brothers and sisters. You are an inspiration to me at a time when I am in real need of it. I think that goes for a lot of us Americans, if we’d only admit it.

5 thoughts on “Our Canadian cousins

  1. The last time I was in Toronto (2017), we stayed in the suburbs just north of town. Everywhere we went we saw only Indians (Sikhs, from Asia). Literally we were just about the only white people in the Walmart. It was shocking.

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    • Hi, thanks for commenting. Sorry for my slow reply.
      Yes I’ve heard that Toronto is sort of overwhelmed; I suppose it’s true of all the cities. Vancouver has received so many from Hong Kong when the British left, etc., that it’s changed drastically.
      And now of course there’s talk of the need of more immigration. I mean, how many people can reasonably live in Canada? That’s a rhetorical question of course.

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  2. Hello good folks

    The Anglosphere is in a lot of trouble. The USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa have all had crippling diversity within them often other Europeans especially Catholics. The replacement of Anglos in these countries is so well progressed. I think that revival of a sense that we are not “beyond history” is important. Most of the people just don’t care. I am thinking If I get better maybe try a new separatist Puritan experiment. I am so fed up with the masses. We need something to live by.

    I think the French Canadians are a big factor in turning New England blue. How does Mr Trudeau feel about Quebecois demographic health I wonder? What was George III thinking in giving them so many political protections. This was one of the real factors which caused New England to have the American Revolution.

    I really cannot think of any truly inspiring living people for you Bonnyblue.

    I have really been down lately sorry for not commenting.

    Puritan Love

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    • Hi Puritan, sorry to hear you’ve been down. It’s hard not to be sometimes, these days. I hope that ‘down’ feeling will pass, at least now and then.

      Some years ago we were hearing a lot about how some of the French-Canadians were resisting the influx of immigrants. It looked as though they might have been more ‘nativist’.’ But that seemed to fizzle out; I don’t know what the situation is in the Francophone areas, whether immigration and diversity are prevailing or what.

      But when you stop and think about it Canada has had ‘diversity’ aplenty because of the Francophone settlers and then later I know a lot of East Europeans came to various parts of Canada, But still this ‘diversity’ was less disruptive and it was sporadic; nobody talked of ‘replacing’ the old stock Canadians, either the Francophones or the Anglophones. Now — well it seems that the long-standing diversity that Canada had is not enough.
      As far as people to inspire us, it seems as though most people just want to keep their heads down and not say the wrong thing, etc. I suppose it’s understandable; self-preservation and all that but still it isn’t helping us.

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  3. I never knew about the marker. If the missus and I ever make it out west, we’ll visit it. Thanks for the info.


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