Consequences of careless policy

The Canadian press is reporting that there are 176 passengers coming to Vancouver on a flight from Wuhan, China. They are being ‘evacuated’ as a precaution against catching the Coronavirus. These people, who are said to be ‘Canadian citizens’ will be under quarantine for 14 days.

Do the medical experts even know how long this virus is contagious? Or are they guessing? They have no experience of this sickness and just how it acts.

The same news source says that ‘several dozen‘ more passengers are arriving on a later flight. I gather these passengers are Canadian by paperwork but not by birth. The problem with this kind of thing, with people having a foot in two countries, is the apparent need to go back and forth from the home country to the host country. From a health standpoint this is favorable to the spread of any such epidemic. Do our feckless leaders ever think of this obvious fact? Or is this part of their ‘plan’?

And by the way, I wonder how many people is ‘several dozen’? That’s rather a vague number.

In the past, was it common practice to transport people who were possible carriers of a disease back to their ‘home’ countries rather than treating or examining them where they were? Of course today common sense and the public good are not even on the table.

Coincidentally there is an article at the Council of European Canadians about the history of the 1918 ‘Spanish’ flu, which actually did not originate in Spain. The piece tells how the flu spread widely despite the lack of the incessant and cheap air travel which now scatters people throughout the world so easily. Of course the World War and the mass movement of peoples played a part in the spread of that 1918 flu. You can read the story at the link.

I hope that the Coronavirus is somehow stopped from becoming a worldwide danger to people But at this point I think it’s mostly unknown which course this will take.

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