Our country, Our business

One of the vexing things about living in this “global” “community” is that when you either go outside your country — wait: do countries really exist anymore, outside our imaginations? When I say ‘our’, I mean, those of us who still believe America is a country, much less our country? But when we go to other places on the globe, or even when we go on the Internet, which is a global phenomenon, we find ourselves reading all sorts of unsolicited advice and criticism of our country, and of ourselves. It seems to most people on this globe we are the ultimate bad guys. The world’s problems are caused by us somehow, and it is always up to us to fix everything, no matter how far away the problem is in physical distance or in our distance genetically from the people whose problem it really is.

As far as the criticism of us, as a nation and people, goes, the subject of guns and the control (or confiscation) of is the main subject of the carping and condemnation. It seems as if the prattling Tumblr teenagers (and some of them are in their 30s) have all the answers, and feel that they have the right to proclaim their wisdom to their elders and moral betters. Taking guns away is their only solution. It never occurs to them that they are all wet behind the ears and lacking in life experience, or the wisdom that comes with real experience of this world. They have been deluded into thinking they know more than their elders and more than the wisest men of past generations, including the Founding generations of this country. I suppose I can’t blame the youth of other countries as much because they probably learn little about the history of our country, still , no one has an excuse for not seeking the truth, or not knowing. Suffice it to say they are dumb enough to suppose that they have a right to judge the people who founded this country and of course the generations still living.

However even the older generations (and please, this is not about boomers or the ‘boomer’ bogeymen who are so popular now) in other countries are just as clueless and thick-skulled on these issues. When Australia passed their gun control legislation some years back I asked an older ex-LEO there what he thought. I thought surely he would have a more rational or studied opinion, but instead he spouted forth the usual: he saw no problem with the anti-gun measures, saw no reason why people could have a need to defend themselves, their families and property. Typical mind-conditioned leftist stuff, from a former policeman.

And there should be no excuse for people in the Anglosphere countries, as we all came from a background in which the ‘Castle Doctrine’ was part of the legal system (still is, in some American states) and in which the right of people to bear arms was considered necessary. You can look back in English history to see that this is true.

On certain right-wing websites with a lot of European visitors, some of the most ardent opponents of the right to bear arms were some of the English commenters, who obstinately think that they hold some kind of moral superiority on the issue of citizens bearing arms. I am sorry to say this about my English kin but it’s true. Still it’s not limited to the English or British. It’s almost universal outside America.

It’s hard to maintain amicable feelings towards people who are inclined to look down on you and to judge from on high. I would say, somewhat reluctantly now, that people of other countries have a right to their opinions about what we do here, though most of them have not been here, except perhaps for a vacation, and most don’t know the history of our country nor our culture, outside the distorted and uglifying lens of Hollywood movies or CNN. Still they feel free to tell us what we should do or what we ”have to” do, in their opinions, and this is crossing a line, in my opinion. I certainly have my opinions on what is happening in Europe and in the Anglosphere. But I don’t have the gall to condemn or castigate people in other countries because of what I think of their policies, their culture, their way of life, their political system. In this ‘global’ so-called village of ours, since the PTB have taken it on themselves to go over our heads and give away our countries, it seems some people think that they also ‘own’ our country and that they have a right to make pronouncements about what is essentially our business, and not that of our neighbors, however near or distant they may be.

Just as we would not put up with our next-door neighbors sticking their noses in our family business, the excuse of ‘global community’, which does not exist anyway, is not a valid pretext for meddling and offering unwanted advice to us. Neither should we be forced to put up with their sometimes nasty criticisms of us. I could express — I could, but I won’t — negative opinions of their countries, but in my book, unrequested advice, much less outright attack, is not done; it’s gauche, rude, crude, presumptuous (pot calling the kettle black, anyone?). The best people don’t do it.

For now, as far as I’m concerned, we still have the right to be left to ourselves to run our country and live as we see fit. Live and let live. Meddlesome behavior or opinions should be kept at home. And kindred peoples should not want to cultivate division and animus.

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