‘Wrongthink’ = capital crime in UK

Those in authority in former Christendom seem to have become completely unhinged. I think this subject has come up before: the National Health Service in the UK has said they will withhold medical treatment from patients they deem ‘sexist’ or ‘racist’ or whatever-phobic. Is this not the same as saying such people (as judged by other flawed human beings) do not deserve life or humane treatment?

Why are people not outraged about this? I think it’s easy for people to ignore heinous policies like this as long as they are safe and feel that it’s someone else that will have to suffer, perhaps die, because of a policy like this.

While the Health Secretary quoted here, Matt Hancock, is arguing that he is protecting his staff from ”abuse and mistreatment” is it not greater abuse and mistreatment to refuse medical treatment to someone who needs it?

And who made these NHS people gods, that they have the right to decide that someone does not deserve medical help because of the opinions or feelings they have?

It seems to me that I’ve read of far more cases of health workers in hospitals mistreating, even fatally neglecting, patients who were in the hospitals. An example from a couple of years ago is Whorlton Hall, part of the NHS system.

Police today arrested ten members of staff at a scandal-hit NHS-funded hospital following a documentary which showed staff members allegedly abusing vulnerable patients by appearing to mock, taunt, intimidate and repeatedly restrain them.

Durham Police said its investigation included allegations of physical and psychological abuse of patients at Whorlton Hall hospital near Barnard Castle.”

There’s more. That’s no isolated incident. This report from the Independent (UK) says that abuse of mentally ill patients has increased dramatically.

An analysis of NHS figures obtained by The Times through Freedom of Information requests, found abuse incidents recorded by mental health trusts had risen from 106 in 2013/14 to 199 in 2015/16.

Inquiries into reports of abuse of child patients jumped from nine to 39 in a single year.”

Sky News has similar reports about abuse of mental patients, including many children.

So who is doing the abusing here? Who has most of the power? It seems the ‘system’, the NHS bureaucracy, is doing more to protect its staff than its vulnerable patients. Or it seems that they are trying to protect themselves, to deflect the claims of real physical abuse.

And what kind of ‘abuse’ are the NHS workers subject to? What can children do to a staff member? I suspect at least some of it amounts to ”racial epithets” or some other kind of verbal hostility, that is, people using politically incorrect language which is somehow now interpreted as ‘traumatic’ to the person on the receiving end.

And I don’t for a moment think that these ‘verbal abuses are uttered only against POCs: people of European descent are also called names and harassed verbally, especially in situations where they are outnumbered. It happens. But the media cover up for it.

Yet these situations are not dealt with even-handedly or without bias and partiality. Only POCs and other designated “protected groups” (yes, that’s the System’s designation for them) are treated as traumatized victims if a politically incorrect word falls on their ears.

The people in authority in most institutions now are unquestioning in their obedience to these PC edicts; they follow policy to the letter even though somehow deep down they know the deck is stacked against one side, and the other side of course can never be in the wrong.

As an example; a worker in a medical facility used the word ”spook” when joking about a hypothetical ghost. Another worker heard the word ‘spook’ and reported the woman who said it. The “offender” was told that the word was not to be used because it was a hurtful racial epithet, and she then got a formal reprimand on her record. This is the kind of stupidity that reigns now.

it appears as if no one in authority in the UK will oppose this policy of denying care to people based on their thoughts or feelings. Does nobody have a conscience or a moral compass? Does Christian morality die so easily after a couple of millennia in once- Christian England?

And just who is sitting in judgment on the people who will be denied the care they need? Who has power over life and death? Someone with a grudge or a vendetta against someone can simply report that the person abused them with words and thus that person can be denied medical help. I would not want that on my conscience.

Anyone can allege anything. It used to be, in English common law, that there had to be two witnesses, just as the Bible requires. One single person’s word should never be enough to condemn someone or make someone officially guilty.

And we all know how often alleged ‘hate crimes’ are hoaxes; usually the alleged victim stages any evidence, for example all those self-painted symbols and homemade nooses, and so on. Political correctness requires that the accused be treated as guilty, without question. We’ve all seen it happen.

I only hope this insanity doesn’t metastasize to this country as too often happens.

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