If youth are the future

What can we expect from this kind of thinking?:

[The above was posted on ‘social media’ frequented by young (13 and up) participants.]

There was more to the post, and as of the time I looked at it last, the post had garnered thousands of responses including many re-blogs. The majority of the responses I read were favorable to the idea.

And yet I read online from a lot of people that the younger generations will fix everything; they’re very right-wing (the so-called zoomers that some see as the Hope of the Future.

Has everyone already forgotten the flurry of stories a while back about how ‘cannibalism’ might be the wave of the future? Those stories seemed to disappear but now the young (the same ones who are feminist, climate-change obsessives, antifa, etc.) think it’s a good idea. After all, as the OP says, ”It’s from Rousseau ”, as if Rousseau were somebody worth emulating. I suppose in those institutions we call ‘schools’ and universities, they are taught that Rousseau is a kind of demigod. But Rousseau, with his ‘noble savagery’ and his amorality (numerous illegitimate children, deposited in orphanages as soon as they were born) — actually I can see how the young would like Rousseau, given their own morality. Maybe Rousseau was actually morally superior as he left his unwanted offspring in a place where they were cared for in some way, and they were allowed to live.

But honestly, does it not trouble anyone out there that these young people think eating the rich a good or praiseworthy idea?? Sometimes I feel alone in my shock or concern about these kinds of things.

And do the unthinking young people not realize that to much of the world, they too are part of that evil rich class, those they propose to put into a cooking-pot? To much of the world, we, all of us Westerners, are ‘the rich’.

And have none of these young ever learned that eating fellow humans is, and has been, against the moral code of Western Civilization? Have they never absorbed even an iota of Christian morality? Well, I suppose the schools, the government with their no-tolerance policy for Christianity, and the media — plus godless parents, have all acted to seal these young people off from all that’s good and from the eternal verities.

Someone will tell me it isn’t that bad, but if there really are other young people who are as virtuous as the perennial optimists say, where are their voices? And a relative few that might exist are not enough to nullify the presence of the thousands that agreed with Rousseau and the ‘eat the rich’ idea.

One thought on “If youth are the future

  1. I’m a 32 year old and frequenter of this blog. That may not exactly be “young” but I feel obligated to give witness to the inquiry posed in this article by stating I’ve always loathed my generation and have never shared it’s naked hatred for all things sacred, white, Christian, Western, pure, so on and so forth. I had a couple of close friends growing up and many more that came and went as I’ve watched my generation get drifted away in the currents of our satanic culture.

    I used to feel total anger towards them but I’ve cooled down some with age and finding Christ in my own life, as I’ve come to realize that many of my peers and even older (into Gen X) had literally ZERO positive role models in their formative years. Combine that with the antichrists that teach them 40 hours a week in school until they’re 18 and the endless access to porn, deadly drugs and digital vanity mirrors (social media), you get a totally lost generation. A weathervane aiming any way the wind blows. I have basically no friends, only one—a 27 year old man— recently I’ve met because I’m sponsoring him as he enters the Catholic Church. God has given me a small grace in that he thinks basically like myself and the readers of this blog regarding the world at large. I don’t anticipate this will get better not do I sit around waiting for things to come apart in hope that God grants people who think like us a moment to shine in the ruins of a society that not only turned away from Christ (Truth) but openly mocked Him with praising sodomites at the expense of a traditional marriage and family; gleefully lighting up national landmarks (White House, Empire State Building) with colored lights to celebrate legislation that allows “same-sex marriage” and infanticide. Some of these carried out by backstabbing antichrists who were baptized Catholic but proudly and openly blaspheme her teachings on the sacredness of marriage and life (Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo).

    If there’s any validity to this virus hysteria arising about, it’s because God willed it and we’ve fallen under judgment by our own stupid and proud devices. Men are pussies afraid to speak truth in public and understandably so due to the instant Orwellian canceling that ensues; women are whores who flip their tongues around in public while showing off their figures—bragging about killing their babies; leaders are brazen with narcissism and loathe those who’ve provided them a handsome wealth to do nothing; church leaders sit on their hands and focus on “climate change” and wag their finger in the face of those who want to end the insanity of flooding your home with people who want to kill you and take your shit. It goes on and on and on.

    All I know is that satan is real. He’s alive and thriving in this world because people have ears but do not hear, eyes but do not see. They see and hear things are FUBAR but don’t have the spiritual understanding of the warfare being fought in the souls of men every minute of every hour of every day. Science was supposed to answer all of our concerns and desires and here we are—an atomized world full of miserable, medicated and morally bereft people clinging to devices made by people in factory buildings with suicide nets around them. It’s a truly fallen world and I pray daily anyone who reads this site or others like it come to Christ and realize that we aren’t made for this world and it’s not our true home. That’s not a bad thing—it’s great! We don’t have to walk around in these sore bodies for eternity worrying all the time about what we’re ever going to do about money, family, love, and all the rest. Get your soul right and be ready everyday because we do not know the hour of our calling. Remus at the Woodpile Report supposedly died this week after doing his work of cataloging the signs of our times in Cassandrian fashion. Eventually we won’t have these elders of our generation to look to for guidance and we will need to move up the ladder to our respective roles. What will you do with that information? I pray you figure it out. I humbly ask you do the same for me. God bless you all.


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