The Moonbattery blog ran this piece the other day, and somehow the line of thought seems strangely familiar:

Are the left and the former alt-“right” conferring on these talking points? Who originated them, the left or the right? It seems to me that a lot of people on the right are cheering this kind of ”badass” thinking to strike a pose — or to follow some popular figure who trades on that kind of image.

One thought on “Hmm…

  1. Germany hasn’t changed their pagan desires to sacrifice life to the devil. One of the first groups targeted by the Third Reich was the mentally infirm and elderly. The passage of assisted suicide in some of these Nordic countries is the follow through swing of diabolical ideas passed along through time. Of course they hate human life. They’re godless heathens that worship the church of scientism and one of its sacraments is murder. The far left and alt right both share in their sinister delight at the idea of societies most defenseless dying because they see no dignity in human life—just a tool to use for their ends. See the battle of Stalingrad for the logical conclusion of the competing atheistic world views that worships race and equality. Scorched earth and no survivors.


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