Changing ethics

During this time of the epidemic, there has been a lot of talk about the decisions made in some areas not to resuscitate those patients who are deemed unlikely to recover fully, people with ‘underlying conditions’ including obesity, cardiac problems, and just being ”too old”. We’ve seen in recent years how so-called ‘progressive’ countries like the Netherlands and Belgium have legalized euthanasia, which used to be called by the euphemism ‘mercy killing.’ Now it’s become so respectable that it isn’t even being called ‘killing’ anymore.

Back when the “Affordable Care Act” [sic] was being hurriedly passed through Congress before we could see what was in those thousands of pages, the Left scoffed and laughed at the Right’s concerns over what were called ‘death panels’, which would pointedly exclude risky or elderly patients from life-saving procedures. ‘Waste of money’, said the progressives. Spend the money on young people who are worth more because they are capable of being productive citizens instead of a millstone around the neck of society.

I just happened across a link from a Free Republic thread from 2012, and it appears that at that time there was some shock or dismay about the issue of denying care in certain cases to the old or chronically ill. Now it appears the subject is old hat, although LifeNews ran some articles recently about the trend towards euthanasia. The 2012 article was titled The Elite Are Attempting To Convince Us That Killing Off Our Sick Grandparents Is Cool And Trendy.

I know I’m like a broken record on this subject, but if we are to regard our society as the least bit Christian, we can’t reconcile euthanasia (or abortion) as compatible with the morals and ethics which are at the heart of Western, once-Christian civilization. And yet a lot of the people online and IRL who cold-bloodedly justify euthanasia (by whatever name) actually claim to be Christian. To try to justify any part of the culture of death with Christianity can’t be done, and to do so simply defames the name of Christ and denies the core beliefs of our Faith.

Yet it goes on: ‘Christians’ who think the old and chronically ill are expendable, that they have less of a claim to life than the young and fit, are allowed to call themselves followers of Christ and no one challenges them on this falsehood.

Few people speak out against this. We’ve seen how many purported Christians support abortion and other anti-Christian practices and that too has become OK for a lot of people. It’s just a personal preference, so people sometimes say. But it isn’t; no matter what post-modern society says, no matter what popular culture tolerates, there are absolute standards. Not everything is up to consensus or popular vote.

And of course Roe v. Wade was a decision from judges legislating from the bench.

In the meantime the few people who object to this new system of ‘changing ethics’ are drowned out by the many who prefer to follow the crowd and popular secular opinion. That’s their decision, but don’t put a Christian label on those po-mo ”ethics”.

The article linked to above talked about how ‘the elites’ were trying to popularize this cynical philosophy — which seems to be rooted in either outright atheism or libertarianism/Randianism with its selfish ‘look out for number one, especially where $$ is at stake’ center.

I may offend somebody by saying this but somebody has to say it and I don’t see or hear anyone addressing it — except occasionally when someone wants to argue with me about it, and justify the fact that they want approval for hating their parents or grandparents or old folk generally.

Don’t worry; the culture of death and daddy-hating seems to be prevailing, and those who still hold to the old absolutes are being drowned out and jeered at. Certain bloggers have promoted this ghoulish attitude and continue to do so shamelessly, despite a few murmurs of criticism from the likes of me and a handful of people out there somewhere.

The bloggers who’ve done the most towards making elder-hating cool and popular know who they are, and so do most people who read their popular blogs. It pays to be ‘edgy’ and to offend certain people, so their blogs will prosper and grow in readership, judging by their present influence and popularity.

I find it amusing and telling that even the $PLC has taken note of the daddy-hating trend among certain age groups, and they note it with bemusement (or amusement?) because after all, the hatred is only directed at those who are old, therefore it’s benign and even desirable — as long as it’s old White folk who are the targets. Oprah Winfrey and others on the left are on the same page with the ”right”, saying that the old White folk should hurry up and die off because they are ‘bigots’.

And yes Oprah did say that in a video, though her cult of Nice White Ladies would probably deny it. It might still be on YT for those who need ‘proof.’

So we’ve got the left and the ”right” carrying the same anti-White message. Nice work, helping the left spread their toxic memes, and bolstering each other’s efforts. Nothing like the left and the right working toward the same goals.

Meantime the people who write all the hysterical stories about the coming mass deaths from the pandemic can calmly tell us that we just can’t afford to care for everybody because ‘the health care system is overwhelmed’. Despite empty hospitals and encouraging decreases in new cases, we are still told that we can’t afford to care for certain people. Yet somehow we have money to burn when it comes to certain special causes.

But, medical ethics change, so they tell us; ethics and morals are all flexible and relative, just like everything else these days. No fixed principles. No standards, no absolutes.

And yet they tell us that slippery slopes do not exist.

Stopping immigration?

Is there any truth to that story which appeared yesterday? Is the President going to ‘ban immigration‘ from Mexico or anywhere else?

I am still waiting for his executive order ending birthright citizenship. Whatever happened to that? Evidently the political classes count on Americans having a very, very short attention span and a chronic case of amnesia when it comes to promises made by politicians.

It seems to me that Americans have come to expect — and to settle for — very little from their political leaders. Most of those who are pro-Trump are not upset at the lack of follow-through on these immigration issues (which played a big part in getting Trump nominated and elected) and they are loath to criticize anything he does or does not do.

Some of this may be because of the constant shrill carping and criticizing by the left, which produces an instinct to defend the President no matter what, but blind loyalty is never a good thing — all Presidents (well, most) are human and are capable of being wrong at times. But sometimes I have wondered whether the left’s constant attacks are a deliberate attempt to elicit knee-jerk reactions from the right. If so, it’s working like a charm. It worked during the G.W. Bush administration too, when a lot of Republicans defended ‘W’ and the Iraq war just because the left constantly attacked Bush. The same loyal Republicans also started attacking those to their right (anyone who didn’t support the war, or failed to defend W constantly.)

I did vote for Trump, but with considerable reservations about it.

It seems the ‘right’, very broadly speaking, is divided into the pro-Trump camp, and the Q believers. There is some overlap; they are mostly civic nationalists who are content with milk-and-water civnattery. Q’s message, from the drops I’ve seen, seems to be that we can have a kumbaya multicult society as long as everybody is ‘conservative’ and patriotic, and that division is only artificial, created solely by the left or the PTB, not by any innate or cultural differences.

That kind of blank-slate ‘Americanism’, plus the lack of will to do anything to slow, much less stop, mass immigration, will guarantee us a multicultural, polyglot, patchwork nation which is no nation. The die is cast, it appears to me. Half-measures — even half-measures would be better than what we are doing now — and half-truths and unkept promises, empty rhetoric — all adds up to defeat. I always said I would quit blogging once it seemed all hope was lost. I think ours is a lost cause and given the utter passivity I see in the way people are reacting to our present predicament I don’t expect to see the necessary changes that would salvage what is left of what was our country.

I believe that justice and truth will win, because ultimately Truth must prevail. But I don’t believe politics or politicians are to be our ‘salvation’. We have to look elsewhere for that.

Lost for words

So sorry for not posting more frequently but it’s hard to find anything which is both honest and encouraging to say. I find the conversation on a lot of blogs to be relentlessly downbeat — understandable but I think it’s demoralizing, what with so many looking for a cloud to every silver lining.

And I do think that there is sufficient confusion and doubt in the air that I don’t see the eagerness for the doomsaying on the part of several bloggers I read.

It was famously said by someone that ”a liberal is someone who won’t even take his own side in an argument.” If true, then many Republicans are liberals because it seems there’s little agreement; there is so much intraracial – intra-ethnic antipathy as well as generational, sexual, regional, ideological, and religious animus. Where is loyalty, pietas, kindred-feeling? It exists in some places, but it seems we are more atomized than before.

I notice that the loyal Q following, whose opinions I read, are very gung-ho loyalist to Q and others in that movement, and any doubt is , to them, treason. And I am not a blind loyalist in that fashion. I am trying to be loyal to truth and to folk more than to party allegiances and personalities.

I also find it passing strange that most people seem at best mildly put out about the difficulties of our situation — very accepting of what might not be a temporary inconvenience.

In all, I wonder if I’m alone in this feeling, yet I know we have to be aware that we can’t take freedom of speech for granted.

It’s a little tricky to maintain blind trust in the circumstances, and I think it’s a side-effect of our situation that we feel anxious and I hear that domestic conflicts are rife in some households right now, as we are in a very unfamiliar situation.

Nevertheless I can only believe that we need more than human power to carry us through this time, and not let it overwhelm. But it’s not always easy to find a ‘bright side’ to everything…

Hazelton, revisited

The city of Hazelton, PA is back in the news again, and once more the news concerns the immigration/open borders problem.

Some readers may not have been old enough, back in 2006-2007, to hear about the surge in illegal (and probably legal) immigration to places like Hazelton, PA, which had until then had a more homogeneous population. By 2006, what with some Pennsylvania officials openly stating “we need immigrants; we need diversity“. They got what they asked for. Now Hazelton is in the news as a ‘hotspot’ for the Coronavirus. There are 400+ known cases in a town of 27,743.

A Newsweek article from 2016 displays the usual pro-globalist open-borders bias and anti-nativist rhetoric. At the height of the open-borders craziness back in 2006 or so, the mayor of Hazelton was Lou Barletta, who was determined to try to preserve what remained of Hazelton, and yet his best efforts failed as apparently the cheap-labor lobby and the multiculturalists worked against him. The courts also ruled against Barletta’s efforts and in the end the ACLU won out against Barletta and other immigration patriots or skeptics.

Years later the fruits of open borders and promiscuous immigration policies show. Now it appears that Hazelton is majority Spanish-speaking, which is just what was predicted by those of us who were blogging about this back then, and of course the majority did not want to hear it or acknowledge that the skeptics were right. The town is no longer the same place. It’s an old story by now, having happened to various other towns around this country. There is a town, for example, in eastern Washington state which has an entirely Spanish-speaking city council, where town business is carried out in Spanish entirely.

Now our minds are preoccupied with the pandemic, but that too is part of the story. Anyone with sense knows that diseases like open borders. The more “openness” and diversity, the greater the number of strangers from countries with unfamiliar diseases, the more contagious illnesses we have. There is no question about that. It’s not even open to question.

The town of Hazelton has called on the National Guard to help with the increasing number of Coronavirus cases. How they would be able to help is not clear to me. Why are there so many cases there? No one wants to be politically incorrect, even now, so no one wants to mention crowded living conditions (due in part to cultural habits; extended families living in too-small housing, plus non-relatives sharing living spaces. Lack of language skills and education to learn how to prevent illness where possible.

Somehow this will be found to be somebody else’s fault, and money will be allotted to ‘fight’ the pandemic.

Even now I think a lot of Americans are in denial about mass immigration (including legal immigration — it’s about much more than having the right paperwork to enter legally); most I think are resigned to constant change, and the constant flow of ‘newcomers’ whose own ways are drastically different from our own. Our birthright is precious and should not be given away in the name of Holy Diversity or anything else.