Stopping immigration?

Is there any truth to that story which appeared yesterday? Is the President going to ‘ban immigration‘ from Mexico or anywhere else?

I am still waiting for his executive order ending birthright citizenship. Whatever happened to that? Evidently the political classes count on Americans having a very, very short attention span and a chronic case of amnesia when it comes to promises made by politicians.

It seems to me that Americans have come to expect — and to settle for — very little from their political leaders. Most of those who are pro-Trump are not upset at the lack of follow-through on these immigration issues (which played a big part in getting Trump nominated and elected) and they are loath to criticize anything he does or does not do.

Some of this may be because of the constant shrill carping and criticizing by the left, which produces an instinct to defend the President no matter what, but blind loyalty is never a good thing — all Presidents (well, most) are human and are capable of being wrong at times. But sometimes I have wondered whether the left’s constant attacks are a deliberate attempt to elicit knee-jerk reactions from the right. If so, it’s working like a charm. It worked during the G.W. Bush administration too, when a lot of Republicans defended ‘W’ and the Iraq war just because the left constantly attacked Bush. The same loyal Republicans also started attacking those to their right (anyone who didn’t support the war, or failed to defend W constantly.)

I did vote for Trump, but with considerable reservations about it.

It seems the ‘right’, very broadly speaking, is divided into the pro-Trump camp, and the Q believers. There is some overlap; they are mostly civic nationalists who are content with milk-and-water civnattery. Q’s message, from the drops I’ve seen, seems to be that we can have a kumbaya multicult society as long as everybody is ‘conservative’ and patriotic, and that division is only artificial, created solely by the left or the PTB, not by any innate or cultural differences.

That kind of blank-slate ‘Americanism’, plus the lack of will to do anything to slow, much less stop, mass immigration, will guarantee us a multicultural, polyglot, patchwork nation which is no nation. The die is cast, it appears to me. Half-measures — even half-measures would be better than what we are doing now — and half-truths and unkept promises, empty rhetoric — all adds up to defeat. I always said I would quit blogging once it seemed all hope was lost. I think ours is a lost cause and given the utter passivity I see in the way people are reacting to our present predicament I don’t expect to see the necessary changes that would salvage what is left of what was our country.

I believe that justice and truth will win, because ultimately Truth must prevail. But I don’t believe politics or politicians are to be our ‘salvation’. We have to look elsewhere for that.

One thought on “Stopping immigration?

  1. “I always said I would quit blogging once it seemed all hope was lost. I think ours is a lost cause and given the utter passivity I see in the way people are reacting to our present predicament I don’t expect to see the necessary changes that would salvage what is left of what was our country.”

    I’m just glad I was baptized in 2018 because at my age of 32 I’ve seen this coming for a long time and frankly I’m at peace with the end coming for me. No family or children because I couldn’t find anyone who didn’t already have kids with another man. I didn’t have what some would call a “normal” childhood. Worked summers in landscaping, long hours when I was a teenager while my peers popped pills and smoked pot. Went down the rabbit hole after 9/11 and have come out the otherside fully convinced that the world is ruled by Satan and most if not all of our leaders and wealthy elite either consciously or unconsciously serve him as their master. Republicans are liberals, too. It took Cambria Will Not Yield to get me to understand what that meant in a broader scope from the Enlightenment period on through the Civil War/FDR/New Deal/WWII etc.

    The Reactionary Right has lost at every corner because they lack the stomach to fight back. This is why Trump–a boomer Democrat–was so popular after 16 years of endless war and finger wagging from the neocon/Marxist establishment. He’ll go down as a cathartic moment for what was left of the white middle-class to rally around some vague idea of patriotism in a land where civil liberties have quickly eroded, bank accounts diminished and futures of families uncertain. Too little, too late I reckon. There’s no “Unum” in are E Pluribus Unum motto. This has been the work of the devil himself and only recently has anyone given any attention to the paleocons who’ve been talking about this like Cassandra for decades.

    To me, this all ties back to how we’ve fallen from the good graces of God in Heaven by pridefully mocking his commandments through secularized man-made laws. He doesn’t come down and dole out punishment here, that comes later, but he does stand back and let us fall on our faces. That being said, God has his hand on everything and it’s never so far gone that those who keep the faith could be spared the Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of Western society.

    The perfect summary in many ways is this interview with Mary Eberstadt on Eric Metaxas:


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