Excuse my skepticism

A Washington Post poll is cited as evidence that ‘most’ voters want a halt to immigration, and the part that is being heavily touted by many sources, especially ‘conservative’ sources is that Hispanics are the most opposed to continued immigration.

First of all, the source being the Washington Post makes me dubious of the accuracy and of the analysis of the information. The WaPo, in my book, is just as partisan as the NYT.

Also, the controlled media has for years now been telling us periodically that Latin American immigrants are heading back to their home countries in droves. Is there any actual evidence that this was ever true? If so, why does it appear that their numbers are increasing rather than decreasing?

Another aspect of this is that the Republican mainstream, that is, the party apparatchiks and the GOP loyalists, who are generally very Politically Correct and devotees of the ‘Big Tent’ inclusive-and-diverse doctrine, want so very, very much to believe that the GOP can win over those who are (as they put it) ‘kept on the Democrat plantation‘. For some reason these liberal GOP members like the slave allusions; they invented the ‘Dems are the Real Racists’ mantra and they seem to have got a lot of ‘conservatives’ to adopt their rhetoric — why, or how, is a mystery to me. They just can’t grasp that it is not a winning strategy to adopt the arguments and tropes of the hard-core left, with their constant name-calling and witch-hunting.

And suppose the oppressed who escape the Democrat Plantation, as they call it, do join the ”right” or at least the GOP. The plantation refugees, as we’ll call them, will just become a client group, who will be ‘special’ because they will be held up as examples of how we just need to ‘reach out’ so that people can feel ‘welcome’ and join our side. But at one time that kind of thing was called ‘pandering’, an attempt to attract more warm bodies who will likely need coddling or quid pro quo to really be ‘with us’ . And suppose their presence changes the very nature of the party membership? I always said this kind of outreach and catering would pull the ‘right’ ever more leftward, and looking back to what the right used to be, especially the old-time paleo-cons, vs. today’s squishy, PC ‘conservatives’ who have embraced all kinds of once-lefty positions — I think there is a need for some to believe the supposed ‘good news’ that we can win over people whose own interests run counter to our own.

One more caveat about the poll: notice the question is about a very temporary pause on immigration, not a permanent halt by any means. If uncontrolled immigration, as it now exists, should continue, is by nature a threat (as the article mentions) then why continue it at all? We see the results all too clearly after decades of neglect and lassitude on the part of the citizenry and our derelict politicos.

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