“Mass misdirection”

Bruce Charlton asks an interesting question, one which I’ve also been puzzling over. How is it that having seen and absorbed so many dystopian novels, movies, and TV series, people are not able or willing to recognize the totalitarianism at work in our real world?

How is it that the majority of people seem to have accepted the situation in which we suddenly found ourselves a couple of months ago, when the restrictions on our liberties were put into place with so little objection?
Dr. Charlton offers some answers to the questions.

It does seem that as far as any spiritual (negatively spiritual) element to this situation, most people, even Christians, have been conditioned towards a strictly materialistic and scientistic view of life. And as Dr. Charlton surmises, they recognize a system as evil only if it is overtly, openly violent and punitive towards the population. So far it has been more subtle; soft-pedaling it seems to have lulled people into the belief that all is meant for our good, our well-being.

Dr. Charlton also notes the tendency to omit the idea of moral agency on anyone’s part, and I believe I touched on that in my previous post. Nothing is anybody’s fault or responsibility, and that lets the average citizen off the hook as well as the people in power — whoever they are. Well, we do see the faces of the leftist governors who are issuing all these draconian orders, but even that fails to set off any warning bells in most minds, with the exception of a few people.

By degrees and by degrees, it looks — sadly — as though people in general are prepared to accept being herded and treated as property rather than as free people.

There have been news articles asserting that people are turning to their religion lately, though I’ve seen little sign of it. There are some people who are reportedly planning to hold religious services in spite of the edicts banning such gatherings. I’ll believe in a religous revival when I actually see it. Just after 9/11 people reportedly got religion — for about five minutes, after which business as usual proceeded. But then 9/11 was not as world-changing as these recent events, if people but knew it.

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