Unnecessary and preventable

If only. If only the majority had not turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to what was obviously happening over the past several decades.

The old (and unfounded, it now seems) idea of American exceptionalism, the idea that “it [lost freedom] can’t happen here; we’re the Shining City on a Hill, we have a Special destiny; we’re God’s people here. True democracy and freedom and liberty. Above all, in this day and age, we are tolerant and inclusive and we welcome everybody who wants some of our Freedom and Liberty and Equality.”

Can’t it happen here? Are we a charmed country where bad things are prevented from entering our space, where we have some kind of magic immunity to being subverted, invaded, deluded into false belief systems, or just plain conquered, as people grow complacent and self-centered?

Those of us who started blogging after 9/11, or in the early 2000s, hoped we might get the word out, that there were some ominous clouds on the horizon, mostly manifested in massive, uncontrolled immigration, much of it (if not all) from countries which were hostile to our interests. In addition, there was a long series of terror acts (now forgotten by many or never known by the younger generations). The homegrown left was becoming increasingly vicious (in both the old and the current usage of the word) and more hostile and threatening toward anybody who differed from them. Increasingly they not only hated the “rich” but White people, particularly Christians, especially males, and their rhetoric was increasingly violent.

But most people seemed to have tuned all this out, giving all their attention to various distractions, such as social media, sports, gutter Hollywood ‘entertainment’, etc.

Globalism was seemingly not on most people’s radar. Try to talk about the planned One World government and you were ridiculed (“conspiracy theories”) or ignored. Yet it’s here. We can’t laugh it off or pretend it’s a figment of a paranoid imagination. Actually there are people who do still dismiss it that way. Some have an amazing capacity for denial.

So now some of us in this country (and in much of the world) are still under restriction of movement and various other mandates which are affecting our everyday lives, in some cases preventing people from getting vital access to medical care or other needs. The rules and restrictions vary from one state to another. It is worrying — and it should be — that at least one Democrat governor wants compulsory testing, while another thinks people who test positive for Covid should be forcibly removed from their homes and confined who knows where, and for how long. All those little details are being kept vague, but would people object even if they knew about these proposals?

I’ve read varying opinions about these worrying developments. Some of the bloggers whose opinions I respect have speculated that these rules and restrictions are meant to test us (as I suggested when the ‘pandemic’ was supposed to be getting under way) and to be an experiment in how to bring about their desired monolithic governance with the minimum of resistance from us, in those countries where we are used to independence in some degree. It’s all to evident that decades of propaganda and mind conditioning (Mockingbird, Tavistock techniques, etc.) have made us much more pliable in the hands of our would-be overlords as compared with our vigilant ancestors. If our colonial ancestors found King George III an intolerable tyrant, with his little tax on tea, what could they say about our situation?

Oh, yes, I know the American secession from Mother Britain was about more than the tea tax. I’ve mentioned before that my ancestors in both the Southern colonies and the New England colonies had an active part in gaining independence, so I know the story and I also know that a lot of sacrifices were made then so that we might be free people. And no, it was not about ”throwing the monarchy out” — we could have had George Washington as our King — but about not being ruled from afar, from across a wide ocean in a day when an ocean was a real barrier. It was about matters being governed locally, by ourselves and our neighbors, people who knew local issues and needs, people we knew face to face.

However we’ve lost all that, in a country which is too vast, too divided not just by geographical barriers like mountain ranges and rivers and deserts, but divided by innate differences amongst peoples and cultures and religions. We are not, and have for long not been, “one nation, indivisible”.

Neither do we find “liberty and justice for all” when criminals are being turned out of prisons lest they get the virus from other criminal, and all the while, lady hair salon owners are jailed and/or fined for re-opening for business.

Speaking of our Founding principles and of old-fashioned (outmoded?) patriotism, the ‘Q’ movement professes patriotism, and I give them credit for boldness in embracing the label in this cynical and anti-American generation, but sadly they seem to be aspiring to restore not an old America, united by ‘common ancestry’ as the Founding Fathers said but are hanging their hopes on a multicult America, the Proposition Nation writ large. ‘We don’t see borders. We don’t see color. You can’t divide us.’ Sound familiar? It’s just the left’s slogans recycled or refurbished with a “conservative” veneer. I know I risk offending those who follow Q but it is the truth. Watch the patriotic vignettes they run on the website. They have the mandatory quota of diversity; it looks like the U.N., demographically, and their pantheon of heroes seems to juxtapose Abe Lincoln and MLK with Robert E. Lee and a little of everything.

Maybe there is no going back; it seems to me that the future is a big question mark. And if this is a big experiment, it’s anyone’s guess. I can pray for at least a partial restoration of the great country this once was. But as I always say, change the people, change the country. And the generations who made this country so special are now no longer with us.

For now the focus is on what is to happen next.

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