The crisis and what it says about us

At Malcolm Pollack’s blog, there is a good piece in response to a post at American Greatness. It’s about what the present Coronavirus epidemic says about American character, and what it says is not all good.

Among other things, we are seeing more friction between the two factions, one of which slavishly obeys every official pronouncements from the ‘Experts’ who have been so instrumental in encouraging some governors to give free rein to their ‘inner tyrant’, while the more freedom-loving among us chafe against the many and arbitrary rules laid down. Mostly the Left, in support of their leftist governors and mayors, are hugging their chains for security, and denouncing those who simply want their basic freedoms restored and protected.

What is troubling to me is the tendency, widely reported in the media, of people informing on their neighbors who are said to be violating the dictatorial regimes’ rules. Snitching, especially when the informers are likely fabricating the supposed violations so as to punish their ‘wrongthinking’ neighbors, does not ‘look good’ on Americans.

But make no mistake, the leftist governors can be said to have gone too far when one of them discusses mandatory testing for the virus, including contact tracing, and further, anyone who refuses a vaccine (provided a vaccine is available, which is dubious) would be subject to house arrest and visits from someone from the State to ensure compliance. Penalties? Withholding trips to the grocery store and access to prescription medicines.

Let that sink in.

Since those who censor internet content relating to the Virus, using the bogus term ‘fake news’ to disallow any dissenting points to view, want to remove anything that does not parrot the ‘Official’ dogma, I suspect the news media are removing any vaccine-skeptical comments or facts. A DuckDuckGo search, for example, was almost exclusively negative towards the so-called ”anti-vaxxers”, and most of the articles I found were quite stale, not relevant to the current situation. So anything less than positive that I might offer could be censored as ”fake news”. How very convenient of the left to discover a term like that which justifies their silencing any negative or troubling facts.

Since reading of this plan to coerce people into accepting forcible or coerced vaccines, or which make the penalty for non-obedience risky especially for seniors or people with chronic health problems, I have been exasperated at the apparent lack of righteous indignation; why are people displaying what appears to be indifference to their neighbors and families’ lives and well-being? Are Americans ready to turn a blind eye to this blackmail and pressure to conform?

And do the powers-that-be really believe that we Americans don’t even possess sovereignty over our own bodies and lives? That we can be threatened into allowing whatever substances someone proposes to inject against our will, into our bodies?

If the penalties for non-compliance involve danger to our health and our very lives, surely that constitutes threats being made against us. Denying access to food and necessary prescriptions is threatening to life and health. Talk about totalitarianism: did even the old Communist regimes do similar things to the vulnerable in their midst?

But just when I was becoming more incensed about the brazenness of this plan, and exasperated with the indifference of my fellow Americans, I was told that local papers in Washington State received angry responses from the decent folk of the state. I have to say that my faith was somewhat restored when I learned that people are angry about these threats toward ‘vaccine skeptics, particularly the old and the sickly. However the fact is that a mere 13 irate responses resulted in response to the proposals for involuntary isolation and testing. That’s a pretty meager response. It might be that most people care only if it directly affects them or their loved ones.

As for the many people who disparage so-called ”anti-vaxxers”, why are they so threatened by the idea that not everybody blindly trusts vaccines? Check our Bill Gates’ history in vaccinating people in India. Why should he be given carte blanche to try out his vaccines on large populations — again? Why has he never been held accountable for his ‘mishaps’?

Vaccines have at times had serious side-effects, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome among others. Doubts have been raised about their lack of efficacy among the elderly. Vaccines are hardly risk-free, and have at times done considerable harm. The media don’t want to discuss that usually. I offer the link as one example: it is factual, and not a story I concocted myself; I am just the messenger. In fact the story has been toned down since it first appeared, seemingly to discourage ‘vaccine skeptics’ doubts.

One more thing: those who think forced vaccines are justified because those who refuse the vaccine will allegedly ‘infect and kill’ healthy people by refusing — surely the vaccine Believers will be kept safe by their magic injections, won’t they? So how can a few vaccine skeptics infect those who obediently take their cure-all shots? Riddle me that.

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