What of the rule of law?

Heather MacDonald at City-Journal has a good piece about the breakdown (or abandonment? — my words) of the Rule of Law.

A lot of the erstwhile ‘alt-right’ now scoffs at the Rule of Law as a useless abstraction and a red herring. Even if one insists on taking this ‘sour grapes’ attitude, it seems to me that the rejection of the idea by both left and ”right” is a symptom that should concern us.

MacDonald describes the growing number of instances of what can reasonably be called ‘savagery’ — or is that a politically incorrect word? It can and is being applied to White people now, especially by the incendiary media, in describing the White Antifa, who are oddly being blamed for leading blacks into group-mob violence. And the media tell us that there are some kind of ‘supremacist’ Whites who are behind all of the trouble. Only the far-left and their media franchises are able to detect any evidence of these troublemakers. I guess you have to ”believe” before you are able to perceive their presence, as some people say about ghosts or UFOs. But the media and their fellow-revolutionaries seem to be able to see the unseen.

Heather MacDonald mentions that what she calls the ‘pandemic of civil violence’ is worse this time, worse than the BLM riots and predecessors. This, she attributes to years more of the leftist narrative doing its corrosive work. I take it she is implying that Ferguson and other such events influenced many people of all ethnicities to accept the idea of a pattern of ‘racial victimology’ in which ‘racial and social justice’ are forever denied.

However, if this is her thinking, I would add that it’s not only POCs who are being influenced by this narrative of majority White villainy. It seems that people of European descent, especially down the generations, are often ready to believe the worst of their own folk, to believe that Whites are born with some moral defect which makes us forever and always the blameworthy party in these violent disturbances. There is ample evidence on this question but it is not allowed to cite it or speak of it openly; consequences always follow. The truth is disallowed from the public square.

It seems to me that as the ‘alt-right’ seem to have disengaged from any kind of involvement, even discussing this, in favor of cynical resignation, no one speaks up for our folk. We have no champions or spokespeople, though many on the moderate right are putting all their eggs in the Q basket, trusting that Q et al will save us.

Watching the Q YouTube channel, I get a sense that many of the members lack a basic knowledge of American History and many of them adopt a multicultural, ‘inclusive’ and tolerant philosophy, sharing the beliefs of the old Tea Party of the early 2000s that if we just follow in MLK’s path and practice understanding we can achieve ”unity” which is what Q tells us we must achieve before things can get better.

I can only think that the people who believe this (and they are legion) do not visit the real world often enough to be familiar with it. They seem to lack experience and the current events are lost on them. There is not much hope if it is this easy for people to get sucked into the left’s narrative so easily — because that is what it amounts to. They are just ‘leftists lite’ as long as they buy any part of the left’s daft belief system.

Unity would be wonderful but there are no indications that there is a way through our present confusion to some kind of idyllic unity. Unity can only be within truth. Self-deception and denial of reality, trying to unequally yoke disparate groups and individuals, only leads to more misunderstanding and estrangement.

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