Succumbing to the ‘narrative’?

“No one man can depart from the truth without damage to himself; no one million of men, no twenty-seven Millions of men.”-

Thomas Carlyle

Are people becoming more susceptible to the media wormtongues whispering in our ears? Or is it peer pressure, wherein everybody is part of a group mind, from which no one wants to deviate?

Over the last 24 hours when watching the coverage of ‘events’ in our cities, I keep hearing this mantra that White antifa are really the masterminds and the leaders of these ‘events.’ I hear that it has nothing to do with race, though why are BLM involved if that’s the case? In all it seems that I am hearing more and more people deflecting blame and absolving people committing violence. Are people that fearful of Truth? Or just of the consequences of speaking that Truth?

Someone, and I can’t remember the source, unfortunately, said that much of what we consider opinion or principle on the part of many people is nothing more than fashion or fad. People are followers in our society, for the most part, and maybe that’s true of all societies, but I sometimes wonder if these changes of public opinion over time are in large part just fashion. It’s “in” to try to understand everyone else’s viewpoint and it’s been popular for decades now to do amateur psychoanalysis of people’s motives and inward feelings. It’s very ‘in’ to forgive everybody who does wrong and to show off how understanding and ”nonjudgmental” we are. Remember all those parents whose children were murdered, who publicly announced that they forgave the murderers of their flesh and blood. How unnatural is this? It’s becoming commonplace.

Some of this is peer pressure; it feels good to be regarded highly according to today’s ‘morality’. But where are these counterfeit morals coming from? Mostly from the media, but even people who don’t imbibe the media narrative get it second-hand from the world around us, from the society of other people. And we are now seeing a whole new crop of “conservatives”, Republican or independent, who have absorbed a lot of the ‘progressive’ belief system. If you converse with them about current events they sound little different from the ‘moderate’ liberal, with the characteristic feminine way of regarding things, full of maudlin sentiment for those they think are underdogs or the Oppressed.

There is a video going around that has a lot of ‘liberal Republicans’ in tears; it shows a young mixed-race man crying and hugging a White policeman. We don’t know the context of the picture; it could actually be a really heartwarming scenario, but everyone projects what they wish the story to be; apparently the people who shed tears over the video see the two races reconciling and embracing their brotherhood. I’m not hard-hearted enough to disparage that, but the reaction to it shows ambivalence on the part of White viewers. They may be realists in some ways but they still seem to yearn to be “forgiven” and absolved by other ethnicities, all of whom are said to be victims. Remember those pictures from years ago, when some churches had Southrons put on yokes or chains, get on their knees, and beg forgiveness from blacks? Some of the Whites seemed to relish it.

All I can see is that this same sort of guilt-ridden people are now happy to blame current troubles on White troublemakers (Antifa — who are leftist, anarchists, nihilists, or just plain antisocial/antiwhite) or — even more outlandishly, WNs, who seem to be pretty thin on the ground these days, after being denounced and practically outlawed by Trump, by Congress, and by the usual ‘respectables’ who want to preserve their social acceptability. In other words, the blame-deflectors are the ones who are fashion-followers, and just now universal non-judgmentalism is in fashion. Except that European-descended people are always under judgment.

By the way, how is it that according to the media and their leftist partners, this is a ‘White supremacist’ country — and yet it is demographically becoming more and more “diverse”? Surely evil White supremacists would, well, ensure their own dominance? Isn’t that what ‘supremacy’ means? Why would supremacists be OK with accelerating the demographic turnover in America? They would be absolute failures at supremacism if they were in charge and would, at the very least, be the laughingstock, or the recipients of abuse by any genuine ‘supremacists’, if such exist.

According to these narrative-spinners who have very lively imaginations, the President and any who voted for him are ‘WNs’, though they’ve all disavowed it and practically issued an anathema on anyone of that inclination. But truth be told, if they are to condemn moderate, middle-of-the-road Republicans of holding pro-White opinions, they are in effect condemning and cursing every single generation since this country began, at least those who were around before the Civil Rights revolution was effected. All prior generations were pro-White and they were realists about HBD and about human nature.

Ever since then our folk have been losing IQ points or becoming more willfully blind to those factors. In a cowardly fashion they rush to grasp at any explanation which leaves out the ethnic/racial factor. They make up silly lies like “it’s Democrats doing this”, hoping they can escape being called the inevitable names and having their reputation damaged. I think they actually think that being a Democrat carries a greater influence than genetics plus culture.

And yes, Democrats have become insufferable and blindly fanatical. But politics does not outweigh heredity and culture.

I hate to belabor the Q movement but Q himself constantly preaches a colorblind, multicult, paper American gospel, and I think he influences a great many confused liberal-republicans. Our folk can’t continue to live by lies. And Q’s “unity” can’t be found at the expense of truth. The truth is not and cannot be politically correct. Yet it’s essential to our future, if any.

6 thoughts on “Succumbing to the ‘narrative’?

  1. Not sure what your location and surroundings are but you’d be wise to hit up the local gun/hunting shop and stock up on as much ammo as you can afford within reason. Anyone with a brain ignores literally everything the media and politicians say as the official narrative. Everything is a lie at this point and that especially goes for the stupid Q anon boomer religion. It’s just a data mining psy-op to add American citizens with disagreeable political views to a watchlist. Probably protected under the Patriot Act.

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    • Thanks, KB. You are probably right about the role of the Q anon thing. I suppose most of us with dissident or non-PC leanings are on watchlists, I assume. But there do seem to be a lot of our folk sympathizing with the ‘protesters’ — or maybe that’s fake as you say, and just about everything said in the media is lies or gaslighting, etc.


  2. It has been a while since I’ve come around, VA.

    And just a reminder: it’d be a crying shame to see you hang it up.

    But if you do, you can go smiling. You were faithful to all of us – and to the truth.

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    • Thanks Nick. Much obliged for the kind words and encouragement.
      I waver between wanting to ‘stay at my post’ even if nobody hears, and thinking it’s a lost cause — for which I seem to have a natural attraction. Or I may get purged as a lot of others have, though I try not to invite that. Sometimes all it takes to renew my resolve is a little pep talk. This time it came via a fellow blogger’s brief mention.:)


  3. Also scary is the absolute inability and silence of churches to address this issue. Writing is on the wall, I suppose. Try to interest folks in white Protestant communitarianism as an answer that exist outside or alongside formal churches, but zero interest. Try to demonstrate by example, showing other people are doing it, but people want large communities, big buildings, men in collars– not joining with or covenanting with single families and lay people. So, feel we’re doomed.

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    • Charles, it’s too bad. I guess in the era where we first saw the ‘mega-churches’ that attitude you describe is commonplace, sadly. I always felt suspicious about the ‘Emergent church’ thing and it turned out to be globalist in nature, though even now a lot of average Christians don’t get that.

      I guess it’s down to home churches and small groups now.
      “…when the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?””


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