Stepping down?

Some of the reports from the recent disturbances are distressing — such as the descriptions of law enforcement officers ‘kneeling in solidarity’ with the protesters. As some of the people on this Free Republic thread note, that kneeling looks too much like submission and surrender. Have we really come to this? Have we become so passive and servile as to adopt this attitude?

Even the National Guardsmen have taken part in this, which really presents a shameful picture. What impression does it leave with people outside of our country?

I know that I may be told that I’m reading too much into this posturing, but if you look at the comments on Free Republic, there are others who interpret it just the same way that I do.

And why, exactly, do these men feel the need to be in ‘solidarity’ with the protesters? Some people mention Stockholm Syndrome, that is, identifying with one’s captors. And it seems as if ‘captors’ is the right word. Most people in the West are mental captives, unable to break away from the rigid PC worldview.

To my perception, it seems as if there is an unhealthy compulsion to try to placate the militant ‘protesters’, and it’s indicative of a long-term tendency to turn the aggressors into victims. It seems that White Americans have long been conditioned to regard their accusers as almost sainted, incapable of doing wrong. They are implicitly our moral betters, according to the Politically Correct worldview.

I can only foresee this kind of behavior as becoming the norm; I’ve been saying for years that the world is turned upside down, and it looks very much like we are handing power over to the aggrieved peoples. It may not happen overnight but we seem to have lost the will to preserve ourselves — or even more important, to preserve a country for the sake of our posterity. Are we headed for the same fate as SA or Zimbabwe (Rhodesia as was)? Unless our folk change directions that’s where I see this going.

It seems as if a lot of Americans have been thoroughly imbued with all the politically correct attitudes, and to question the narrative is unthinkable for a lot of people. It seems even to be prevalent among police officers and now these National Guardsmen.

During these times it’s hard to disagree with all those who’ve been saying we’ve lost our country. It certainly looks and feels that way. And how does this appear to rival or enemy countries? They might just see us as ripe for conquest, given the resigned-and-defeated behaviors on display.

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