On cue

From my vantage point, it seems as if political correctness, and the insistence on conformity to it, are intensifying. For instance, on Tumblr, with those of college age and younger it seems as if their racial attitudes are becoming more intolerant and anti-White. Scan through their blogs and when you look through their own descriptions of their blogs, you’ll see belligerent statements something like this: ”This blog is not for Nazis and Haters. Stay the F— away if you are one of those.”

Other bloggers’ statements threaten those deemed “fascists’ or ‘bigots’ with being reported if they attempt to ‘follow’ any of the self-righteous SJWs and melanophiles.

Am I the only one who is sick of the never-ending bombardment with this kind of shrill rhetoric and the truculent attitude? There is truly no escape unless you are able to remove yourself to some remote spot where there is no commercial radio or TV and no phones. Otherwise everywhere you look, you are surrounded by advertising which is not meant to sell products so much as to embed someone else’s ideas in your brain and psyche. And it works, judging by what we are seeing and hearing. Being honest we have to admit that even people who are ‘conservative’ on the surface somehow harbor some very left-wing or liberal ideas, thanks to the ubiquitous media programming. This is especially true of social issues, and unfortunately it’s there, on the social issues, where the battle is really being waged. Many self-described conservatives are liberal to all-out leftist in everything but economic issues.

It’s very wearying to be surrounded, via the media and the ‘masses’, with the harsh, ugly, gutter rhetoric that is the trademark of the left. Unfortunately that has also crossed over to the right and it’s hardly possible to hear civilized discourse from either side. And I never imagined, even 10 or so years ago, that we’d hear someone address the President of the United States as ”B—h” in a public message. These verbal assailants are people of no breeding, no class; they respect no one. It used to be that in order to be a public figure one had to at least pretend to be polite, civil, and respectful. Now, most public personalities behave like rabble. And it is dragging our society down to a brutish level. It’s sort of like the old ‘Broken Windows’ theory of society: if you don’t maintain the small things, then everything falls to neglect and decay; it’s not just buildings but all of life is affected, including manners and ultimately our spiritual life as a people.

But the worst is the lies with which the left assaults us every day. The lies are brazen, patently false, and yet they seem to be believed by too many Americans. Being subjected to nonstop lies daily is demoralizing in the extreme — and that’s probably why it’s so intensive now.

And here’s something else I am noticing: as of now it’s bad enough that we are silenced, and the truth is banished from the public square. Even though the realists among us have facts and data to back up the veracity of our assertions and beliefs, we are not allowed to have our say. The censors who stifle our speech and writing, insist that ”the truth is no defense”, as some imbecile judge in the UK said in a ‘Free speech’ court case. Needless to say, the truth lost.

But the current situation may not be the end of it. I notice that a lot of the hard-core enemies of truth now insist that people have to make some affirmative statement of support or solidarity with whatever designated hero or martyr of the day.

Being silent is gradually being treated as suspicious. It may be as it was in the days of the old Soviet bloc countries, where one had to praise the ‘fearless leader’ or the ideological ‘heroes’ of the left. Being silent, even being lukewarm, might get you reported for thought crimes, disloyalty, or whatever bogus accusation.

Or just as in the book of Daniel in the Bible, it was required to worship the King when the music was sounded. You had to acknowledge the authority and power and possibly the ‘divinity’ of the Leader, or the God-King. Is that where we’re going? Do we in fact have a royal or privileged caste to whom we have to offer praise?

Someone on Tumblr, in an attempt to pressure people who might be lukewarm on the ‘social justice’ question, posted a quote from Desmond Tutu, with the accompanying message that ‘‘Being neutral on a moral issue is being on the side of Evil.” Hence those who don’t bow down when they hear the cue are ‘on the side of Evil.’ It seems to me that somebody is now succeeding in making the masses see evil as good and good, as evil.

As of now, it seems like few have the courage or the inclination to challenge those who want to control our thoughts and stifle our political expression. But as long as we are not coerced into kowtowing under duress or threats, that’s something.

Once we are required to offer some kind of pro forma tribute or praise then we will no longer have the right to keep our thoughts private. To require verbal compliance, even if it is insincere is to trespass on our right to our own thoughts and beliefs and opinions. We need to be vigilant when it comes to complying with people who would control us.

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