Who’s ashamed of whom?

Gregg Popovich, coach and manager of the San Antonio Spurs, is quoted in “mainstream” media pieces as saying that he is ashamed of the race into which he was born. Fine. I am ashamed of him and others like him, and in no way do I want to be associated with such people, given that they gladly turn on their own. (I trust his immediate family were born into the same race of which he is so ‘ashamed.’)

Just to verify a hunch I had about him, I looked up his bio and see that his parents were immigrants. He was born in Indiana, but to Serbian and Croatian parents. This is so very often the case with critics and outright enemies of America (who are technically American, being born in this country). Not all immigrants are equal of course, any more than human beings overall are ‘created equal’, nor did Jefferson ever say that.

When this country began to favor immigrants of very different cultures and backgrounds this was when the nature of our Republic began to change. There were the waves of immigrants, many of them being involved in radical politics, specifically anarchism and a wave of political violence ensued. We ignored reality and HBD to our own detriment, as we did post-2001. We are still paying the price.

If we had had a limited immigration policy, based on National Origins, throughout our history, if we had focused on quality and compatibility rather than warm bodies, or an endless supply of cheap labor, we would be in much better shape.

As for Popovich, well, immigrants and their progeny are so fiercely defended by gullible Americans of various origins — immigrants can do no wrong; “we’re a nation of immigrants,” etc.– that criticizing them is considered Un-American by a lot of deluded people. Popovich probably knows that his immigrant origins make him supposedly immune from criticism.

Popovich surely isn’t forced to live here nor to claim kinship to the people he looks down on from his high politically correct perch. He can return to Serbia or Croatia if he is as ashamed of us as I am of him and his sort.

He also criticizes Trump for not ‘unifying’ people — while his statements are highly divisive and bigoted in the true sense of the word. Bigotry is not just about race (though everything has been made about race lately) but it’s a rigid, self-opinionated, stubborn, ‘won’t listen to other views’ attitude.

I won’t make any defensive disclaimers here about how ”not all immigrants are like x” — I don’t in fact know that that silly statement is true nor does anyone else. And I won’t resort to the usual cant about how ‘most immigrants are fine people.’

It’s obvious that whoever resorts to that smarmy rhetoric is also apologizing and groveling for PC points. Our folk are being hurt by this tendency to keep on apologizing and trying to pander. Time for us to stop reacting to this self-righteous judgment from johnny-come-latelies and virtue-signalling pharisees. Too many self-abasing European-Americans.

One thought on “Who’s ashamed of whom?

  1. Consider how the Alt Right intellectual elites sucker people into proving how race realism is superior to all other ideas. As that is the directive, the “thinkers” must never be challenged, for their truths are “obvious” and “factual”. And through the past decade, the Alt Right has written endlessly about this one theme; anything else is automatically false.

    It’s like kids and the Easter-egg hunt. If you tell a bunch of kids to go looking for Easter eggs in a park, their minds will shut off to all the other wonders and realities of the park. They won’t care about flowers, trees, ducks, squirrels, and butterflies. Their minds will be obsessively focused on the Easter eggs as the only goal, only purpose, only truth, only reward, only meaning. Like Easter Eggs, they’ve been pre-planted by the Controllers, in this case the intelligentsia of the Alt Right.

    After all, kids who find Easter Eggs are not unearthing anything new. They are just “finding” something that the Alt Right wanted them to find. The “conclusions” have already been decided for them. If they arrive at those “conclusions”, they are rewarded. If they settle for different conclusions that goes against the Narrative and Iconography, they are punished. They really have no choice. And most Alt-Right intellectuals and scholars insist that certain idols and icons must be worshipped. So everything they think, say, and do revolve around those few themes and memes. So, they will hysterically eviscerate down any “bad thought”. I get why it is appealing to some people, because human psychology generally prefers simplicity over complexity.


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