Speaking of shame

The previous post was about someone being ‘ashamed’ of his genes and kindred. It seems the U.S. Army, in all its militant Political Correctness, is ‘ashamed’ of the men who fought for their hearths and homes and families during the War Between the States.

Well, I’m ashamed of anyone who would trash our history in order to placate a small percentage of people who simply want revenge for perceived wrongs of centuries ago.

“US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper are said to be open to holding a “bipartisan conversation” about renaming nearly a dozen major bases and installations that bear the names of Confederate military commanders, according to an Army official.”


Esper? Isn’t he one of those who are openly defying the President? Why does the President tolerate that kind of disloyalty? Why is no one opposing these people who are treating the American people as The Enemy? This is the sort of people who are now dishonoring the memory of our forebears. Trying to posture as the moral superiors of the Confederate Soldiers.

As for McCarthy, he has no parents listed in his bio (I assume an immigrant Irish background by his name and his physiognomy) and curiously he has kept his personal info ‘private‘ . It’s too bad that we civilians can’t opt to keep our personal data private if people in high public positions have that privilege.

We do know he is a Gen Xer, based on his birthdate.

We are told that he graduated from VMI. I have to say that I’m disappointed in VMI; they used to be a very prestigious school; many good and great men came out of VMI. It used to be considered the West Point of the South. I have relatives who went to VMI but it appears that it is now a ‘converged’ school and turns out ‘Social Justice Warriors’ but few real warriors.

As we see more and more humiliations inflicted on the South and as we see our ancestors’ memories desecrated, along with those once-beautiful monuments, it looks like the South will be carrying the brunt of all the slanders and false accusations. The South, unless things change, will be subjected to ‘Reconstruction Part III’ or is it part IV? The rest of the country will not defend us, nor join in solidarity with us; they too repeat the lies about the WBTS, and they are apparently OK with groveling and kneeling to the new overlords.

And that being said, there are few Southrons who are willing to defend our ancestors or our heritage, at least without apologizing.

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