The politically correct ‘right’

I am past fed up with the Republican writers and bloggers who write for the popular Politically Correct Republican readership. This to me means the milk-and-water type, who unbeknownst to themselves are inching closer and closer to the left with their obsession with rooting out ‘racism’

As of now, the liberal-right’s favorite culprit in the ‘racist’ witch-hunt is Southrons who defend their heritage and ancestors. More and more fiery op-ed pieces about the horrible ‘racism’ of the Democrat Party of the 1800s, and silly attempts to link that party to the Democrat communists of today — because according to this wacky belief system, the Democrats of the Confederate era were — what else? — evil racists just as the anti-White Democrat Party of today, the party which is most pro-POC, is somehow ”racist”. Racists under every bed, but thank goodness for the holier-than-thou Repubs. They are innocent of the crime of ‘racism; and are now busily trying to establish ‘street cred’ by wooing POCs.

SJW-aspirants: anti-White rhetoric is good for your street cred; it will insulate you from being called the ‘r-word’ yourself if you throw that word at everyone else. So virtue-signal for all you’re worth.

And it doesn’t matter if you are bearing false witness against whole groups of people; you will look virtuous and moral by doing it. Target White Southern people, accuse them of various politically correct ‘crimes’; it’s free; no penalties for accusing a Southron or slandering our ancestors — I have to listen to constant lies about Thomas Jefferson. Idiots say he was a ‘slave-rapist’ and father of illegitimate children, and the lies have become widely accepted — thanks to the current craze for making such accusations, and treating them as truth. As a Jefferson descendant I am disturbed by this and frankly fed up. I used to try to defend him online but nobody wanted to receive it. People prefer salacious lies or innuendoes rather than seeking the truth. The truth is too boring or bland, after you watch so many Hollywood movies that skew reality.

Jefferson was a slaveholder and so were many honorable men. No need to deny that. Some of the Biblical personages we revere also had slaves. Were they evil?

John Brown , on the other hand, was a 19th-century SJW, who killed innocents in cold blood, in the name of abolition. Did being on the ‘right side’ politically make him any less a murderer? Oh, but he loved the ‘right’ people so he was good, and hated White Southrons, so that puts him on the good side. See how odd our morality has become? Hate is OK if the ojbect of your hate is not in line with political correctness. So goes the social justice gospel.

PC ‘conservatives’ probably think Brown was a good guy who is up in heaven now.

Some of the holier-than-thou Republican SJWs say that a slaveholder is a criminal or a sinner. I am waiting for someone to show me chapter and verse where it is named as a sin. It appears that page is missing from my Bible.

Christian SJWs: have likely never read Philemon. It’s a short book, easy read, simple message. But it won’t fit the ‘social justice’ worldview.

Meanwhile, alleged ‘conservatives’ are spreading false witness about the Confederacy. Those people should never write about something with which they are not familiar, and don’t want to be familiar. Thomas Jefferson famously said a very simple thing: that we should always ‘hear both sides’ of any question. Few people heed that saying.

The misinformed writers who vilify the South, never having heard of the outrages of Reconstruction should force themselves to read old accounts, written during that time, about the lawlessness and yes, anarchy that characterized the Union-occupied South after the War. The defeated people of the South were terrorized by their day’s equivalent of Antifas — the Republicans, the Radical Republican Party. They were, for the South, far worse than the Democrats of that time. People’s lives were threatened. People died. There was violence and intimidation and no ‘law and order’ as such. Read it in contemporary documents.

However, there’s a dearth of information written during that time that’s readily available. I suggest as the place to search for books telling the Southern side. Most of the books you will find as you search will be from the Union point of view. But there are sources to be found if you search.

But likely no one who needs to read the history, will. The liberal ‘right’ is waging a propaganda war against the South and its history. I wonder if they are encouraging the vandals in destroying statues of the South’s great men. Am I falsely accusing? I am simply wondering. The Republicans and the left are working towards the same goal. They are competing for the POC vote, and throwing the goodwill of the South to the winds. Yet the South has for long voted Republican. I hope they can see that the South is no longer wanted in the GOP’s little club.

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