New ‘American icons’

I’ve just read the list of “American Icons” whose statues will supposedly be erected in the proposed ‘Garden of American Heroes.’

It’s just as I imagined or expected: Political Correctness, Republican version. I knew instinctively that figures such as MLK would surely be there before anyone else. I would bet that he was the first chosen ‘icon’, for political reasons where some are concerned, and for sentimental reasons with those who really believe the aforesaid individual was a “Saint.” Many GOPers fall into the latter category.

Did anyone, anyone on the ‘right’ read the document dumps from the USG a while back? I remember on Steve Sailer’s blog, when those documents were discussed, someone naively asked “I wonder what the Left will think about these documents?” Answer: they will say nothing and think nothing: they close their eyes and their minds and “deny, deny, deny”, as Bill Clinton urged Democrats to do in general.

And it appears that the ‘right’ is practiced at denying, too, as MLK passes into the pantheon of American Heroes.

General Lee, of course, will not be an American icon; it appears most Southrons don’t meet the criteria. To think that a great Christian gentleman like General Lee or General Thomas Jackson were passed up for lesser men. The South should never have rejoined the Union.

Interestingly Trump’s version of American history and its handpicked ‘icons’ matches the ‘rainbow, diverse and inclusive’ vision put forth by ‘Q’. The Q patriots have a distorted picture of the War Between the States; they seem to have learned their history from the $PLC and Hollywood. They are supposedly researchers and ‘diggers’ who ferret out information but they need to ferret out some factual history. Instead they learn it from each other.

And yes, I know Trump is the best we are going to get, which makes me sad. Once we had lots of great men who were inspired leaders.
And some will think a little compromise with Political Correctness, a little more compromise with the race-hucksters is a small price to pay if we can all just ‘try to get along’ but that is precisely how we got to where we are now. This continuing compromising and accommodating will just turn the clock back a tiny bit if we try it. But we are still on the same path, going the same direction, and we will end up just as boxed-in as we are now. Even more so, as demographics inexorably change.

I honestly wish I felt more optimistic as we just celebrated (!) our independence but there it is.

5 thoughts on “New ‘American icons’

  1. I hear you. The 4th can be a very depressing time for those aware.

    When I think of the Nation we were supposed to have and the experimental corporate enterprise we ended up with. A business barely worth calling a country: it makes one wistul.

    I’m smitten with the Grand Union Flag. It so me is a banner symbolising the last chance at a Saxon conscience in these Colonial states.

    Speaking of past glories.

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    • Last night it sounded like a war zone where I live. It’s odd that this was the noisiest fourth of July in memory; it’s usually quiet here on the Fourth despite a few fireworks displays. Otherwise it ‘s a quiet town but despite this being a lackluster Fourth people set off huge numbers of loud fireworks. Maybe they were letting off steam? Who knows.

      I agree about the Grand Union flag, with the Union jack in the corner, though I like the St George flag. There are several of our early flags that would be good.

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  2. it was indeed a hollowed Fourth– more than any past. Perhaps it was just more ‘visible’ or evident than before. Of course, all this is the result of a long chain of events. We are only now becoming cognizant well-after the fait accompli. Worst, is we had the time to act and prepare, but who did? Now we have the task of waiting and gathering together the dispersed families and remnant congregations into Zion or a place of shelter.

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  3. what I’m getting at is people are finding places to move or relocate to as the board is reshuffled. Hopefully, this will now be done in a more self-conscious matter. My evangelical moment is behind me. Presently, putting my chips in with my family rather than any institution. Most churches are now dead. Time to ingather.

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    • Charles, I agree that now is probably a time to focus on close kin groups or extended family if your ties are strong. The churches, sad to say, are mostly ‘converged’ or compromised and I think home churches are a better prospect than organized religion which is following the world rather than vice versa.

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