Another day, another accusation

So now someone wants to change the name of the Texas Rangers. That is the baseball team. This time the accuser is one Karen (!) Attiah, who is employed by the Washington Post, a paper not known for impartiality.

And Ms Attiah is not really accusing anyone (of what else? Racism, of course); shes just making a bald assertion that the Texas Rangers of legend were guilty. After all, nowadays the accusation is all that’s needed to convict someone. So Ms Attiah, who is from Africa, apparently found some information (sources?) that made the Rangers out to be “cruel” and “racist”, “oppressing black people”. And did she look at other sources which might provide another side to the story? She found what she wanted and probably stopped looking.

It strains credulity to think that MsAttiah and her family never suspected that White people might not have had modern-day Politically Correct attitudes back in the era after the War for Southern Independence. I doubt she was that ingenuous that she never heard of the Rangers having to subdue the very warlike Comanches. That was why and how the White settlers came to Texas. There was a lot of bloodshed. Had the Rangers and the Texas colonists had submissive attitudes like today’s, there would now be no Texas; it would be still a part of Mexico. But then most immigrants don’t learn history. They learn only about how ‘racist’ America is, and how easily most of us ‘take a knee’ when accused or intimidated.

The idea that Texans, after the War, mistreated nonwhites with impunity is just false. Texans, that is, White Texans, were under Occupation during the Reconstruction era, about which I’ve written now and then. Texans, White Texans, were not ‘free’ people really, during that era. Few Americans know anything about that time and the Reconstruction regime. So I don’t expect non-Americans or paper Americans to know about it, though they should.

Just for disclosure’s sake, I am not impartial here either; one of my great-grandfathers was a Ranger in the days of Sul Ross, a name recognizable to most Texans. Sad to say, Sul Ross, a great man, has also been ‘controversial’, being attacked for not having the present-day attitudes demanded of us all.

Incidentally, the black slaves in Texas were mostly concentrated in East Texas. They were not exactly omnipresent in the state. I don’t think my great-grandad had much contact with black slaves nor did many Rangers.

How many more of these scripted denunciations and accusations are there to come? Infinite? It just goes on and on, and the ‘R-word’ is the most overused, worn-out word in the English language. And to think, the word wasn’t widely known until post-WWII, though it was supposedly made up by leftists in the 1930s.

But that word may ultimately bring the demise of our civilization, by death of a thousand cuts, since we seem to be rendered powerless when someone wields that word. It’s the magic weapon; it seems to hit home every time. Guilty.

“And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight:…”

King James Bible, Leviticus, 26:8

Now, it seems to be the reverse; one person, armed with ‘that word’ and that accusation, can put a hundred — or ten thousand — of us to flight. So another name will be made taboo on the strength of one person’s complaint. Again our folk are adjudged guilty. Is there no breaking the pattern?

2 thoughts on “Another day, another accusation

  1. With no concrete conception of “race,” the “anti-racists” can run wild with an abstracted “definition” of “racism.”

    And because “we” do not impress a concrete conception of “race” onto the “anti-racist,” he stands, virtually unaffected, by his covert, pathological hatred of OUR father(s)..


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