A surprisingly strong piece

Steve Sailer’s piece on Takimag about the “new religion” surprised me in its bluntness in describing the New Order of things. It does have the characteristics of a religion in that it has a system of ‘morality’ of sorts though that morality is inverted, and just as the demands for obeisance (kneeling or genuflecting, and otherwise submitting —isn’t the latter the meaning of the name of a certain Levantine religion?) — and the new religion forbids taking certain names in vain, does it not?

And hasn’t Cambria Will Not Yield used the term ‘worship’ when describing this reverential attitude? He has, for years, and I think some people considered his choice of words to be hyperbole, but here in the Takimag piece, Steve Sailer, who to my mind usually avoids hyperbole, employs the same word as Cambria.

Just as Steve Sailer says, we are now, it seems, filling the role of the lower caste, or the villains. And this is not a new role; we are always assumed to be in the wrong, always the ones to blame — while others are perpetually wronged, never in the wrong.

Nothing good can come of this. If anyone believes (or believed at any time) that a new Golden Age of Harmony is ahead, they are deluded. Ethnic and racial antagonism is at an all-time high, and this at a time when we and our folk are placating and accommodating and appeasing like never before. Things only ever escalate; the tensions never wind down.

And yet it seems that Political Correctness, which amounts to a psychological disarmament, is intensifying and its preachers, including many Republicans, are more insistent than ever about how we have to learn to ‘Unite’ via the melting pot and Civic Nationalism.

If that hasn’t worked for the past 70 years or so, what makes anyone think it can work now? Unless things change greatly things can only deteriorate.

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