Compulsory activism

The following story, by William A Jacobson, out of Cornell University is an example of something I wrote about immediately after the early BLM ‘activism’ Remember the people who were forced by ‘activists’ to kneel or genuflect, or to repeat some shibboleth? I wrote that I thought we would be entering a new phase of this conflict, in which, in order to prove our obedience or ‘loyalty’ to the regime, we would not be allowed merely ‘lip service’ but would have to actively participate in ‘actions.’

I referenced the Book of Daniel, where compulsory worship of the golden image was decreed. Everyone was required to fall down and worship the idol at the sound of the musical cue. It looks like Cornell University is following that example. It seems it isn’t enough to indoctrinate gullible college students into an all-encompassing Leftist, antiwhite worldview. No; they have to actively participate, participating in some kind of action.

This is what I said; it may eventually required of all of us. It has happened in various totalitarian systems. One had to prove one’s loyalty and commitment or be suspected of disloyalty or heresy. I suppose this is a way of weeding out those who are the undesirables.

I encounter young people online who ask how they can ‘help’ the Cause, how they can contribute money from their countries (in Europe, Australia, etc.). The young people are being conditioned to look at this movement as heroic or as a ‘freedom’ movement. Those in other countries have little clue as to what goes on in this country, and it seems that even many of our home-grown young have little idea of reality. If you have college-age children be aware of these things, and of the mental conditioning that they are experiencing.

And it is not just limited to the students and young people. It affects anybody who watches the ‘news’ media or takes in toxic pop culture.

One thought on “Compulsory activism

  1. We’ve entered upon the most profound, and saddest, epochs of my life. I truly believe civil war is imminent now, and that it will occur within our lifetimes. Which I would have never believed just two years ago. But in any case, I trust that the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. I’ve said, for a number of years now, that ‘Murika still exists because the iniquity of the ‘Murikanites is not yet full. I believe the fullness of time is fastly approaching us.


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