DR3, CivNats — two useless ideas

Louie Gohmert, GOP Congressman “representing” Texas, has moved to ban Democrats from Congress because of their history of ‘racism and hatred.’

At the Amerika blog, Brett Stevens sums up why the Republican fondness for the this DR3 ploy is not helpful.

“Dummy mainstream conservatives think that this is a good idea. Saner people realize that DR3 is always a trap. He has just endorsed far-Left ideas as conservative.”

As it happens I was just reading a thread at Free Republic where the original poster found a quote from Joe Biden that the O.P. thought was proof positive that Biden was a racist and should be exposed as such. One or two posters argued against the DR3 approach but could not get their point across to the original poster, who was champing at the bit to let people know what a horrible racist Biden is (or was, based on an old TV interview).

How does one get across to these people that it’s a useless strategy trying to discredit Democrats or leftists by pulling out the tattered race card? Nobody really believes the Democrats “care” about blacks, or minorities generally, even if they are certified “victims” according to the rules of Political Correctness. Everyone knows on some level that it’s all a cynical play for votes and support, but blacks’ votes are almost always guaranteed to go to Democrats. And no, it’s not that Democrats are ”keeping black on the Plantation” as the DR3 types say; they willingly choose to vote Democrat; they perceive, rightly or not, that that party best serves their interests. Who are we to argue with them? Blacks usually don’t share the philosophy or predilections of most people on the right. Trump is actively wooing the black vote and boasts of having a lot of support from blacks but I think he is overly optimistic or wanting to shore up his support among the CivNat segment who worry and fret about blacks being “neglected” by both parties.

There are still a great many conservatives who have now, after years of heavy ‘propaganda, come to believe that this nation was always destined to be a sort of rescue operation to save the world’s ‘tired and poor, huddled masses,‘, etc, and so therefore America must be multicultural and diverse.

In effect the social philosophies of the right are coming to resemble those of the left, and it seems that Republicans feel it is their duty to police people for ‘racism’ even though the left usually assumes that role. But what with the numbers of Republicans and their quest for Conservative blacks to display as examples, somehow I don’t think that lack of attention to black people or other ‘protected groups’ is the problem.

2 thoughts on “DR3, CivNats — two useless ideas

  1. One could view this latest DR3 effort as an attempt to display for all to see the left’s hypocrisy on race, and also to discredit the whole idea of “racism by association.”

    But I totally understand that using the DR3 argument _sincerely_ is destructive and giving in to the left’s definitions and worldview.


  2. I support DR3 because I hate prejudice and I’m conservative. I care about Pro-Life, guns, low Taxes. I dont care about color


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