The magic word

I missed this piece when it first appeared. Merriam-Webster Dictionary kowtows to one nonwhite person who thought it her ‘right’ to dictate a more ”correct” definition of that nebulous, all-purpose term, ‘racism.”

Coincidentally I was just working on a piece about that very thing. However I and the lone female who rewrote the Merriam-Webster definition see it very differently.

It must be nice, by the way, to be able to just e-mail the sycophants at M-W and tell them to rewrite the definition to order, tout de suite. And it worked, for her.

What exactly does ‘‘racism” mean? The woman who complained by e-mail, and succeeded in bringing the M-W people to their knees, says it’s ‘systematic.” In other words it’s all coordinated, pervasive, and planned by Whites. Nothing can be systematic if it is a random thing, depending on individual feelings or behaviors.

“I basically told them they need to include that there is systematic oppression on people. It’s not just ‘I don’t like someone,’ it’s a system of oppression for a certain group of people,” Mitchum explained.

The very fact that this woman can simply call Merriam-Webster and be catered to is proof that there is no ‘systematic oppression.’ The systematic oppression is in the other direction: POCs have learned — well, they’ve known it for decades, really — that their wish is our command. All they have to do is call some individual or some institution or business ”racist” and voila, they get their demands.

This is how the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton et al enriched themselves – by means of systematically putting us on the defensive, and inculcating us with a sense of guilt. And words were the most common weapons used against us. This is how Whites end up genuflecting and kneeling at the command of thugs who intimidate them and issue commands.

Most of our folk seem to be scared spitless of the ‘oppressed’ POCs and their magic word, which they have used — systematically — to effectively silence us.

This woman is projecting, as do leftists of all colors, but she and her folk have profited the most from successfully projecting their insidious and systematic manipulation onto us, making us believe we are the guilty ones.

Sooner or later we have to get off this merry-go-round. No matter what is done to appease and mollify these people, their demands only grow. There will never be any kind of agreement or reconciliation. Why would they want that? They surmise that we are weak and frightened by mere words (as well as by physical threats and systematic aggression) which most of us have experienced.

The people who grew up under the present racial caste system don’t know any other reality. They seem to have no desire to reject the current order of things. Those most mind-conditioned are the youngest, and yet even some middle-aged adults are thoroughly resigned to the order of things — which is in fact ‘systematically’ anti-White.

The submissive mindset of Whites in general is becoming more firmly entrenched. How can this unworkable situation continue?

I think Thomas Jefferson was right. Either it will end with us being absorbed into the other peoples who now live on this continent (most of whom resent us at the very least, and they make it known), or there will be conflict, for which we seem to have no will, even verbal conflict.

After all, they have the Magic word at their disposal, while we’ve been disarmed psychologically.

Whatever “systematic oppression” we, or our ancestors of centuries ago were supposed to be guilty of, we are not forcing anyone to stay in this country if they find it so oppressive. But oddly their obvious preference is to stay and continue accusing, condemning, and assigning unearned guilt to us. It pays for them. They have ‘black privilege’ to issue demands and commands and then there’s affirmative action, jobs which don’t require competence, admission to once-elite colleges, and just general deference from weakling White folk who don’t want to be called That Name.

One thought on “The magic word

  1. The terms “white privelege” and “systematic racism” highly correlate. Some people seem to conflate the terms and use them interchangeably. Which is understandable I guess, but that they do so does not indicate they have the exact meaning. The meaning of “racism” itself aside, the “systematic” kind seems to mean to some people that there are laws and rules and so forth that are written favorable to whites and unfavorable to blacks and POCs. The best I’ve been able to make of this definition of the term is that, e.g., the public schools have always made rules that the average white student isn’t especially inclined to violate; whereas the average black student, or a larger percentage of black students in any case, is more inclined to violate. This of course results in more frequent and more severe punishments inflicted on black students than their white counterparts. And this is supposed to be “systematic racism,” or, rather, one aspect of a system-wide problem. The same applies to laws made that whites are less inclined to break than their POC counterparts. The questions on job applications are another one, and it goes on and on and on.

    We tried to have a serious discussion about this very thing a few days back at another site. The problem was that defending the idea that, even when these laws and rules disproportionately affect blacks and POCs (percentage wise, I mean), there is usually a good reason the rules are written and enforced the way they are, and that it is the only way to maintain anykind of order in the classroom for example, that particular individual arguing that “systematic racism” is altogether and self-evidently horrible would go off accusing the rest of us of sticking our heads in the sand as a way of maintaining our deep-seated hatred of POCs, and especially blacks. Ultimately the author of the article we were all responding to deleted the entire thread, probably out of fear he’d get doxxed and lose his job or something like that, but I don’t know why for sure because I didn’t bother to ask.


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