A worthwhile read

I hope all of you have visited the link to the ‘Circa 1865‘ blog on my blogroll.

The latest post is about ‘Men Without a Country’, that is the men who, after Appomattox, had to make their way back to a devastated and desolate ‘home’.

The piece also tells us, if we didn’t already know, that the Union army at that time had recruited (sometimes conscripted) men of many nationalities, from many countries, and this was what the CSA army was up against. It put them at a considerable disadvantage.

More and more, speaking for myself, it feels like we are a people without a country.

If you haven’t read the Circa 1865 blog I highly recommend it; it’s very informative and the writer is knowledgeable in his subject. It is sad and vexing that the general public know so very little about the history behind the WBTS, and a great deal of misinformation is out there.

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