For some time the Southern Baptist denomination has been moving farther leftward in its theology, politics, and social views. I am sure many of the clergy and of the membership would deny that, but to such denials I would say that they have been moving leftward along with their denomination and are not accurately perceiving the degree of the changes that have occurred and are still occurring.

Lately the Southern Baptists, like most Christian denominations, have been flirting with the Protestant version of what Catholics called ”Liberation Theology.” It has gripped much of the Church in the Western world. It is evidence that the churches have been subverted; we know that this was the Communist goal for decades — remember the Gramscian ‘Long March Through the Institutions”? They now hold the media, academia, schools in general, “science” — the list could go on. The churches have been in the crosshairs of the left for a long, long time, and the churches seem now to have been subsumed within the leftist hive, deny it though they will.

Hint: if it isn’t in the Bible, it is not Christian.

How many churches, apart from a few ‘home churches’ which meet in believers’ homes, are Biblically sound, and how many believers know the actual content of the Bible?

The SBC is now embracing the BLM, although they are trying to dodge any criticism by saying that the catchphrase/slogan of that group is valid, but they don’t necessarily accept the militant ideas and actions of that group. They are trying to have their cake and penny, too. They can appear ‘woke’ (can we please re-learn to speak English?)
and politically correct, appropriately ‘sensitive’, but still disclaim any controversial, extreme ideas,

Cambria Will Not Yield’s most recent post, titled ‘Up Off Our Knees’ looks at what seems to be our total capitulation, and the SBC, as well as other likewise liberal, worldly churches, illustrate Cambria’s point.

Recently a couple of bloggers depicted today’s society as devoted to a new religion — or is it a cult? — which seems to be centered around the so-called antiracist movement. It appears as though this issue, mostly ginned up and stoked by far-left, race-centric fanatics such as those in Portland and Seattle, is all-consuming. (Incidentally, those groups are reportedly burning large numbers of Bibles as part of their Jacobin ‘rituals’ Does that tell us anything?) These are pretty strange bedfellows for the postmodern Churches to be seeking out.

And these 21st century churches, in their pathetic wish to be up-to-date while many churches face dwindling membership, are willing to follow the World’s strayings. What seems to be happening is that somehow the postmodern churches, especially those ‘hipster’ megachurches, and the ‘woke’ cult, have wandered into some kind of Christian heresy wherein groups of people seen as oppressed victims are somehow martyr-like, almost in a Christ-like position. Has there ever been an analogue to this?

And being seen as blameless victims of ‘evil racists’ has earned them halos, though we know that all of us are born with a proclivity to sin. And having said that, the condemnation of one race only as guilty of ‘systemic racism’ makes that one race the eternal villain in this melodrama. According to the ‘woke’ doctrine, only one race was born with Original Sin.

And yet those like the liberal preachers and teachers, sanctimoniously saying that we are all guilty of causing ‘suffering’ are openly virtue-signaling which helps no one, but causes deeper rifts. It further inflames the very real animosities and resentments, which incites violence. The media have blood on their hands, as do all those who perpetuate the narrative which condemns. That ‘narrative’ has, at its heart, the ‘blood libel’ that pronounces us guilty of violence we did not commit ( persistent ‘hate hoaxes’ which are rife, and fabricated stories accusing innocent people, for example) and there is real harm being done to our people. Yet all the tender concern and smarmy excuse-making is reserved for our accusers.

If these members of the Cult of Nice feel the need to confess and grovel, at least don’t do it in the name of others; they can confess and shed crocodile tears to their hearts’ content, but don’t pretend to speak for all of us.

How has this seemingly become a salvation issue? Any minister who implies that is in error. Yet the idea seems implicit in placing this group on a very high pedestal.

Somehow the narrative of victimhood has become part of religious dogma for many White folk today. How? Why? Can anyone show me chapter and verse where our character is to be judged by our degree of subservience to a particular group of people because they claim to be victimized? Is it Biblical or even moral to judge (and condemn) the character of those who are deemed not contrite enough, not deferential enough, towards a particular group of people, particularly if they are not guilty as charged?

If victimhood=saintliness, I would like to see where the Bible teaches us this. Is our salvation dependent on coerced politically correct ideas? The idea that something called ‘racism’ is the very worst, most unforgivable of all evils certainly implies that we’ve come to confuse Political Correctness with God’s law.

All this controversy is a political matter, and while Christians are to be moral and honest in our political choices and actions, politics is of this world, ultimately, which is passing away, transient.

This quasi-Christian heresy that is growing before our eyes needs to be addressed honestly — but most are too busy acting the nicey-nice role, and being seen as tolerant, inclusive, diverse, and above all, ‘woke.’

They are right about the necessity for waking up, but waking up to reality and truth, not to more posturing and posing.

2 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. Thank you for continuing to post, even when it seems we are in such dark times. Your writings remind us that we are not alone, and certainly not crazy or imagining this corruption of the faith. God bless you and keep you strong!


  2. It’s right there in the banner name of these infinite denominations: PROTESTant. It should come as no surprise the supposed formerly “traditional” groups have become modernized. This isn’t to say the Roman Church is without its Judas Priest’s but the gates of hell will not prevail against it. It’s no shock to my senses if cardinals and a papacy openly endorses heresy; the biggest enemies of the church have always come from the inside. God is in full control and thank Him that we won’t need to live here forever! Such a terrible fallen world.


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