Maybe this is trivial, but…

Since we have to hear so much about the mayhem that’ s going on unchecked in our cities, I keep hearing different pronunciations of the word ‘antifa’.

I’ve always said the word with the first two syllables accented. That is, ‘ANTIfa.’ However I noticed people online or on TV saying ‘an-TEE-fa’, as if it were an Italian or Spanish word, where the accent would be on the second of the three syllables. So I looked it up online and the different sources both said the accent is on the ANTI .

Still we live in a world in which people have discarded rules and authority so the pronunciation will be whatever the consensus is or whatever the ‘majority’ decides. Whatever.

And yes, it’s a nit-picky point; I do actually care more about what’s being done to our world than about correct pronunciation of the name.

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